Poem For the Day

St. Germain, Dec 18, 2003


Come to me my sweet ones,

And sing of gentle things.

Come to me my darling ones

And know you're queens and kings.


Show the world your greatness,

And be the best you are,

For in the doing sweet ones,

You are the brightest star.


All you need do to do that

Is Be the loving one

Who says to all I love you

And brings the world to One


For in that song you sing now

There is a sweet refrain

Of dogs and cats and lambs now

And all the wondrous rain


That falls upon the bosom

Of gladness in the snow

And when you get to heaven,

Grace you all will know.



Via Nancy Tate,

Posted, 8-12-15

From the Wake up Call of 12-18-03