Poem For the Day


Spring is Here


Spring is here!

Do you let yourself dance in your own way?

Spring is here!

Do you need yourself, or others?

Do you love to waltz in your own way?

Do you choose to live as you love to?


Spring is here!

Are you ready for the delight that the breeze brings you?

Stars appear,

Do you let yourself delight in the night?

If you feel nobody loves you

Perhaps you donít love yourself as you are.


Spring is here!

I love the visions of your love of light and the flowers

That are born

From the eternal essence of who you are!

Love is all there is!

You are forever in Love!


Spring is here

Go out and live the absence of no future for your Love

You are the one

Who brings your newness to yourself

You bring forth the truth

With the inner knowing that you are sublime


Spring is here

Spring forward and live in the treasure of Love

 That you always are

You are the spring, summer, fall and winter of life

With no time at all

With the promise of every moment in the truth of Love


Spring is here

See the miracle that you employ in the steps of eternal life

As you feel yourself walk forward

In the fineness of life that you are in every moment

You are the truth of Love

Live in that oneness of all of life in the essence of Love



Nancy Tate, June 20, 2018



Posted, 06-21-18