Poem For the Day


The Pole-air Bear


May Your Christmas be filled with Kindness and Love

And full of Light from the Sky Above

May you see the truth of the ‘Pole-air bear’

And know that it always is here not there

For there is only one place

For the truth to be born

And that is on the first early morn

When you awaken to Love and see the cause

Of why it is always from Santa Claus

To come and join in the glory of giving

For it is a bright way to always be living.


So come now my friends and see the Light

 Of the eyes of the bear as he sails into sight

For he shines forth the song of Santa in flight

As he sails into the Holy night

And gives of the essence of Love and joy

To every age girl and every age boy

For there is no age when it comes down to it

We all are living in the truth of the moment

Of truth and Love and Oneness of being

That fulfills the images that we’ve been seeing

That tell us of how we are all in peace

With the sacred creation of our Oneness of being.


Those are my words for the coming new day

When we all can go forth and sing and play

Our way through the life that we all did choose

And will never forgot, or decide to loose

For once we create it, it is always there

 In the eyes and the heart of the Santa pole-air bear.


By Nancy Tate, 12-21-16



Posted, 12-21-16