Pink Flower


Pink Flower arose

From her mossy bed,

And lit the night sky with her light.

Then pulled in the moon,

And sent out the owl,

Which scattered the mice, in their fright.


She cried, "Be not fearful.

His beacon has shone;

And, oh, what a beautiful sight!

There're starflies,

And love beams,

And gold dust all over,

The music resounds in its flight!


The spirits are singing

Their ecstatic journey

To places that you've never been.

Come play on their heartstrings.

They'll take you along

To join in their merriest of whims.


The mirth will beguile you,

The joy will surround you

With wonder, with awe, and delight.

You'll dance and you'll laugh there.

You'll dip in your cup

And drink of the sweet and the fair.


And when it's all over,

And you return home,

To open your eyes to the morn,

You'll secretly ponder

On all the joys yonder,

And rejoice that you ever were born.


So go not in worry,

And go not in pain,

But see each new day as a gift.

You can bring all the night dreams

Into the day

And set all of your troubles adrift."


Nancy Tate, 1998