Poem For the Day


Pebbles in The Pond


Pebbles in the pond

Float here, now and beyond

They guide us every day

To help us find our way


As we live in our power

In each and every hour

We find our sweet rewards

Amoung the vocal cords


Of singing forth our song

In the tune we sing along

To what we manifest

And show to all the rest


The value of our Love

For all who go above

And live our lives in peace

And heavenly release


So here we are my dears

Without the lonely tears

Of falling out of joy

For every girl and boy


As they join us in the pond

As pebbles swimming on

In joyful free embrace

Of the whole dear human race


As we feel from up above

The Eternal Open Love

We continue having fun

And we know that we are one.


Posted, 01-29-16