Poem For the Day

As I began to write my new poem for the day, I realized that it was not coming through in the usual Poetry way, so I just let it come and created a new way of expressing it. Here it is for you all to enjoy!


Our Moment of Bliss


Did you ever go to bed and wonder what it was that was still unread? Did you ever see a ship and wonder if it would slip into the wonder that it was, and the splendor that it could still be whenever it was a matter of rising from the sea of forgotten memories and forgotten songs that always offer for us to sing along?

Well now is the time to go within and see the wonder that is here to be, and to rise above the old waters of the sea of jokes and dirty laundry that has come and gone through the changes and choices that comprise the song of old and new along the way, that have led us all to this brand new day.

Creation is our bliss of Love from everywhere; from up above to under the tide of come and go in our daily ride as its been, and will now choose to stay, or slide on over to the yesterday that will only be the choice of remembrance, not the way to live but the times of encumbrance.

With our knowing that weve lifted to the new beginnings through which weve sifted, that have brought smiles to all our faces, and feelings of Love in all the Graces of living the choices that weve made in the moment, in the knowledge that it will never go dormant, for all is new in the moment of Love from the life below, through all above.

So go my friends and enjoy the day in our moment of Love as you smile and say that it is a constant way to live in Love, and above the old thoughts that have been released to above for the resurgence of ease in our new energy that rises to the Now life that is Created in bliss, forever and always in our own way of being, in the power we have to express our Love to all of Creation. Love is all there is, in our moment of Bliss.


Love to you all!

Nancy Tate, May 07, 2017