Love Expressed


Can we look beyond

The constraints of human frailty,

And consider all that we feel for each other

That is within the realm of God's great love?


We may put aside the ghosts

That no longer serve us.

We may welcome into our hearts

The ultimate peace that is within.


To share in this wonderful, coming opening

Of the realization of the Divine potential,

Is a condition of great fulfillment

Of our destiny.


The recognition of our separateness

As being an illusion of our own creation,

Enables us to realize our power to dissolve

That which gets in the way

Of our joy in each other.


It is merely a self-imposed protection

Against that, which in reality,

Has no substance.


Truth is reality.

Love is expressed in the truth.

Let us step from behind

The veil of illusion

Into the completeness of the love

Expressed in his name,

And in our hearts.



Nancy Tate