Poem For the Day

Living in Love


Look over your shoulder, and then donít look back,

For time isnít a wastiní, and thereís nothing in lack.

For when you give in to the trouble there is

There is nothing that gives you a feeling of bliss.

There is only forlornness and a feeling of strife

So go on, my dear ones, and free up your life.

That will give you the blessing youíve wanted so long

And it will digress you no more in the swarm.

So go now and play with the pleasantest of whims

Go on and release them in all of your swims.

There is nothing that can be the worst at your door

If you gather them up and release them once more.

For that gives you courage and the freedom of joy

For you and your loved ones, for each girl and boy.

You created your lives and you can bring them back

To what they once were when they first came on track.

From there is the wonder that comes from your heart

And inspires you further to dance, sing and dart

In the power there is in every brand new moment

To create a brighter day that feels heaven sent

For that is the way of the absolute truth

Of all that is possible from the floor to the roof

Then beyond to the sky and the brand new world

That reflects your own wonder of freedom unfurled.

So go now dear ones and look to the skies

Itíll bring back the truth of what is beyond your eyes

With your vision within youíll remember the story

And how it shines forth with so much glory.

And how it goes on with nothing to lack

Itís telling you now to not look back

For now is the moment of truth from above

Now is the power of Living in Love.



Nancy Tate, March 8, 2016