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Live The Power of Love


If you should find a picture, and see in it others, besides you and me

Where would you put it, and where would you share it

With everyone for free?

It would be a representation of the ones who are free and clear,

And the ones who take a lot of ground to control the free.


So take a moment and whisper to all of those who gather round

That there is no matter in fearing the fear ones, that are all around.

For they originated in freedom; that is how they began their flight,

Then were persuaded to go afar from the freedom of the power of light.


So see those ones who carry the load of fear all around

And know that they one day will feel from you, the love that does abound.

For when you Love and send it forth, it enters everyone

And stirs the truth of who they are and brings them back around.


There is no way that they cannot lift themselves up out of the debris

And find themselves as the wonder of all of you, and all of them they see.

For they are one with us, and can begin their journey upon this world

And be rescued once more in Love and be returned to the Promised Land

Of freedom, peace and joy in life, rather than stuck in the debris of old.


So dear ones when all of this is through, when love is the mainstream of them, with me and with you,

That will include the ones who lost their way to the bright and sunny day

Of freedom in the moments of Love that comes from inner relief

And from the inner knowing and the inner belief of all of the oneness that is.


From the depth of the oceans, to the level of ground; to the mountains, rivers, deserts, glaciers, and swamps;

To the trees, flowers and grasses all around, to all animals, insects; to all of life that is found

to be the wonder of the beams of light

 That shine forth from the heavens above and permeate all that is flowing Around

without a direction of truth that will bring them back to the Love that they are, and surround them and all around.


So go my dear ones and see the truth, and send the Love to all

Of those who flounder, and those who fell into the mess of fear.

For when you do, it will help to raise them back to the wonder that they are

In the truth of freedom, and the Power of Love for all of life.



Thank you all for being the truth of Love in all that you do and are!


Much Love,

Nancy Tate 


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'The Power of Love'


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Posted, 10-08-17