Greetings to You All on This Glorious Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

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The Lilac Speaks


A merry chase; an action bold

Gives us the sweet fragrance of old

For as we gather the treasure fair

We thank the ones who would if there

Say ďCome and share the bounty with me

For there is enough from the lilac tree

To grace your home and otherís too

So please níre fear, and donít be blue.

For there have come and there have gone

Many hearts who lived and loved the throng

Of blossoms many and scent so sweet

They recognized the Springtime treat

They left the legacy of heartfelt love

For all who passed and saw above

The branches heavy with delicate blooms

Enough to fill the countless rooms

That grace the lives of all who see

And come to share themselves with me.Ē


Nancy Tate

Picture by Granddaughter, Joanna