Poem For the Day



Give of Your Love


When you give of your heart, and give of your soul,

You know that it is all going to rock and to roll.

For nothing is more in touch with your self

To give of your love and know it is wealth,

In a way that means much, and can give one a touch

Of love and command of offering a hand

To those who have little to give to the middle

Of life in a rest, and just a bit of the jest

Of going back to what was, that could give you a pause.

So give now the time to give them a rhyme

Of life in a pocket and know it will rocket

The way to the brimming of life that is swimming

In all that there is to bring them all bliss

In knowing that they too give as me and as you

To all that is ready for the life that is steady

As a rock that sits still and the life that can trill

In dance and song as we all sing along.

So go now and see that as we live in our glee

And offer to share all our love with you there,

That we give and we sing, with our love and the spring

 Of life in its bloom through the hour of gloom

 That opens the door to all that we store

 Deep within as a cause to bless with no pause

That opens up love as we sing from above

To bring to the masses the ultimate classes

Of life in the Love of Heaven Above.



Nancy Tate, October 31, 2017


Posted, 10-31-17