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George Bush Poem


There once was a man named George Bush

Who flat out said, wait now, don't rush

I've taken a back seat

To tell you in defeat

Of chances and promises I took


I went to a party and took up

An assortment of habits of makeup

Then I forestalled a big coup

And played a big boo-boo

That gave me a chance to do woo-woo


I garnered a smoke screen of hate

To give the others a debate

And when it was over

I left them a clover

And told them I wasn't so late


To come to their rescue

To come to their defense

To show them just how I care

Then one day I showered

And gave way to power

And took a back seat to beware


From that day on forward

I've played the game well

And promised I'd do all their bidding

But when the time comes

To turn in the sponge

I'll walk all the way in my glory


For this you see is it

I've told you my tale

Of obstinance, greed and foretelling

And when the tide turns

And everyone learns

There'll be no more greed, fear and terror


For light will prevail

There's a new tale of tales

To sing to the people I love

 So bring forth your weapons

And bring forth your germs

And sell it all to the republic


And sing it in rhyme

And tell it in mime

And go on about your deliverance

Of mighty Joe Young

Who once took a gun

And turned in onto the dime

That shifted the energies

Of fear and total destruction

For along came an angel

Who sang us a song

Of freedom and love and re-construction


So this is, I tell you

My last song and venue

Of seeing the dark side of man

From this point I promise

To stick to my druthers

To love all my sisters and brothers


For when the fate comes round

And sweeps the whole compound

Of fear, and greed and destruction

I'll give you my peace pipe

To ring in the new world

And lead the throng into the light.


For you see my countrymen

I'm not who I seem

I've come back to tell you a tale

Of how the dark forces

Coerce all the horses

Into the corral of the dammed


They take way your liberty

And give you a harness

Of shame and defeat, and the like

Till one day there's nothing there

You're stripped clean and bare

Of all that you ever proclaimed


To be short of liberty

And gathered with dust

And wound around tightly with wire

The knot fit so tightly

I ne'r' could but breath

And the life force was gone from me thusly.


Till one day the angel

With strong wings and courage

Delivered me to the right sources

That told me son, well

You might go to hell

But it's all because of your choices


To stand in their power and lose all of yours

Or go for the glory that loves you

So stand in your power

We'll give you the hour

To come and be counted again


So I stood back in wonder

As I watched them all plunder

The dark forces with their agenda

And when they were through

The whole air was blue

With all of the angels in flight


I took to the streets then

And gathered the people

In groups and packs and bundles

And told them all how

The whole crowd did howl

And broke free and circled around


The dark forces alley

They all took their tally

And counted the prize to the Light

You know my friends then they

Began to wail when they

Realized what they'd done to themselves


They gathered round one day

And took a count that day

And discovered the total of man

Had come through a Holy

Assemblage of beings

Who knew who they were and their gain


To great halls of goodness

And great feats of love

To keep themselves from the hell they feared

So gather your forces and don't cower back

And let them be gone in an instant


For they do not care yet

For anyone else

Who might shine and begin

To feel the love there

That wants to spring free

And topple the huge dark empire


For there is the plunder

That will send them under

The gates of the hell they create

And when they all get there

They'll find to their surprise

St. Peter will wait at the gate


And welcome them all home

And say, do you see

The wonder of wonders to be

That no matter where ever

You go in this heaven

Youíll always be at the same place


For all is in oneness

Where ever you are

So sit my dears and lets say Grace

For you are my angels

Who came round the long way

With putty all over your face


From putting a fight up

And trying so hard

To give it all up in a flash

So when you come in here

Iíll sing you your praises

For all the smoke and the ash


For you are all one now

And you are all new

And garnered in gold and silver

So come to my bosom

And sing with me now

To God in the highest, Iím Home.



Received and written by,

Nancy Tate, 2003



Posted, 06-21-17