Poem For the Day


Freedom in Love


When we come upon a star

That speaks to us from out afar

We hear the music that we love

From deep within and up above

So go for now and speak that gem

And you will know that it is from within

For that is where the love begins

And stretches out to all within

That comes along and seeks the chance

To please the others who want to dance

For they are examples of you and me

And we all go far in joy and free

To love and go from here and there

And know we can go just anywhere

Where we desire to be in life

With all in love without the strife

Of those who wander out of joy

And try to capture every girl and boy

Who come into their path of hate,

Rather than being ready to celebrate

The coming together of all who came

Upon this planet to do the same

Kind of expression that was to be

The wondrous episode of you and me

In glory, joy and Love for all

So lets go now and have a ball

With loving life and choosing joy

In the freedom of every girl and boy


Nancy Tate, 09-04-17



Posted, 09-04-17