Poem For the Day


Forever Bliss


If it weren’t for good luck, we wouldn’t be here

If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no fear,

Which would you pick, if the time were near

To go to heaven, when the wealth was near

Would you take a moment, and see the truth

Of how it is to remove the roof

Of fear and torment from the love that is

And take a moment to sort through the tears

Of fear and anguish, and see the truth

That when it comes to life here there is no roof.

It is all in openness for us to see

The joy and peace of you and me

When we look at each other, and see sister and brother.

So come my dear friends and we shall live

Beyond the doorstep and into the clear

For we are eternal, and so it is

We’ll live our lives in “Forever Bliss”.



Nancy Tate, August 01, 2016




Posted, 08-01-16