Poem For the Day

Eight Smirky Turkeys


Eight smirky turkeys at the front gate

Came this morning to celebrate

All there is that brings us joy

For each and every girl and boy.

They told us all how bright the way

It is for us to start the day

With Cassie barking up a storm,

That tells us how to always transform

The idea that barking is annoying

Rather than bringing the gleeful joy in

That brings us the entrance to the time

When every day will be sublime.

Weíll see the pleasure that comes from within

And know how to allow it to bring a grin

To our faces and our everyday lives

And everything else that nature contrives,

To bring us peace and joy from within

And be able to go on with a grin

At all that is with us in a momentís rhyme

That tells us it is with us through all of time.

So go on with our days and donít hesitate

As we celebrate the example of Love at our gate.

For it is an example of how we are able

To bring the feast of Love to every table.

Whether it be in the morning or the end of the day

We can taste the sweetness in every way.

 So smile at the treasure of eight morning turkeys,

And see the example of how to be quirky.

For there is nothing that can beat loving life

Than seeing the freedom of life without strife.



Nancy Tate, March 01, 2016