A Day Like Today


On a day like today we chased the clouds away,

And tore into the day just like a train.

We went about our chores, and opened many doors,

And scurried to the shores of love and pain.


And when our day was through, we hurried home to you,

And came and sat real close upon your knee,

And whispered in your ear of times and years spent dear

Till now we have come home so sweet and clear.


So now I tell you this, there is no greater bliss

Than standing next in line to tell our tale

Of love and sorrows lost; and sweetness through the frost

Of fear and retribution, and all this.


So come home all to me, and see the sorrow free

And find your solace here with all of me

Then you will go to bed with cabbage at your head

And while away the time in joy and glee.


Nancy Tate, 2004