A Bright New Day


When you wake up in the morning

And you see a bright new day,

Know that if you let it,

It will stay that way.

For if you leave it dangling

And apt to bend and sway,

There is a chance

That before too long

It will teach you how to play.


You値l allow yourself to flow in

And out with all the turns,

And when you take

A look at life

You値l see the light that burns

In every corner window

And every watchful eye

For in that truth of knowing,

To strife you値l say goodbye.


So if you wake up dreaming

And wondering of your plight,

You値l have a better day

If you have

A wondrous flight

Along the fields of clover

And with the daily grind

You値l find the stars of heaven

And the best day you can find.


Know that all that comes forth

On this day is a reminder

That you are loved forever

That what seems

To flow here and there

And cast a heavy shadow

Is old stuff flowing out

To make room for the light of

The joyful return to yourself.



Nancy Tate, 2008