Poem For the Day

St Germain, December 14, 2004


When you wake up in the morning and you put the coffee on

Do you smile and say good morning or do you often wear a frown?

Do you think that life is ever going to even out for you?

Or do you think that it will wear on just like a worn out shoe?

I’ll tell you now that it is entirely on your side,

And if you see it clearly you’ll laugh and shout out loud.

For in the darkest corners that lurk 'round every curve

You’ll see the Master standing and ready for to serve.

For masters they are always in readiness for you

To come to them in pleasure and give you love so true.

So the next time that you ponder upon the question fair

Remember that we’re always ready to take you there,

Right to the highest mountain and the shining lake so blue

For you are our dear brethren, and we love you oh so true


From the Wakeup Call Message

Through Nancy Tate



Posted, 09-28-16