St. Germain Poem, Dec 13, 2006


Walk through the haze of the effects of the day,

And know that at thy feet lay the remnants

Of that which is not of truth.


Walk into the bright light of the moment in which you now live,

And you see the stream of love and forgiveness

As it radiates out and surrounds all

Who fall away from the old way of regarding it.


There is no trouble that cannot be dissipated

With the Golden Light of Truth.

There is every wonder to behold

As you walk in the Light of the Christ

And offer up your glad tidings to every one you meet.


Go now and walk with the angels

For the World supports you

As you walk in the steps of The Creator

And know thyself to be invincible

In the Love and Light that you are


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate,

From the Wake up Call of 12-13-06