Remember When


There was a friend who came to me and whispered, remember when

We showed the world how grand we were and how to go within

Then scattered daisy’s fair did we and passed along the song

That sang to love, joy and peace, and the whole world sang along.


We were the ones who came to tell the tale of woe and pain,

And then we stood upon a hill and said we’ll come again

To show you all that we are one and that we took the time

To live our lives and then to tell the story in prose and rhyme


Of love and life and gardens fair that stood upon the knoll

And told the story of love foretold that ended all the toil.

Now we stand in lines so long and tell the grand farewell

To pain and suffering and release now all in a wondrous swell


Of flowering truth and grand design of Heaven’s mighty roar

That sings the song of bliss and love for now and evermore.

So my friend we are about to holler and to shout

Of our release of travails to the world and all about.


So come now and we’ll celebrate the coming of the Christ

And see that we are all the ones who come in purest light.

For we wrote the story, told our tale and then we sang our song

And we played in heaven’s garden there and now all sing along.


Nancy Tate, 2005