Poem For the Day


Mozart Visiting


It wouldst that I doth say to you,

Come unto me with no dallying.

Thou cannot blunder unto the table of life,

Unless thou canst derive

Any pleasure from thou.


Can thy not see’st the truth in my message?

Thou cannot rest till the deed is done.

Thou must come unto me

In the light of always.

Thou will not be of sound mind

Till this is accomplished unto me.


Come, and I will render thee whole.

I cannot be denied.

Thou will’st come unto me.

Thou know’st thine own truth;

It is that of the eternal.

It is unto the bosom of me

That is the truth of thine heart.


Come; weep no more.

Rejoice in thy learning.

Know eternal peace in my name.

Thou art comforted,

Thou art joyful,

When thy see my name

In thine eternal stars.


I come unto you

When you open your arms

For my presence.

Thou art humble;

Thou art worthy;

Thou art love.


Take unto thee

Only that which is holy.

Know thine grace in humility.

Thou art my child.

Thou know’st thy heart.

Come to the table of plenty.

Drink of the fruit of the soul.


Know thyself as everlasting.

Thou art with me always

In all thou do’st and say’st.

Thy pen is thy heartstring.

Thy purse is thy salvation.


Come to thine castle

And eat of thine plenty.

Know thine trials and tribulations

To be but lessons in this school.

Thou art near the end;

Graduation brings much blessing.

Glory in gladness

For a job well done.




I cannot bear the witness.

I shall not care the song.

It is too comprehendable

To pass up all wrong.


If I should deny the wonder,

If I should bear the truth,

Will’st I only bear the sorrow

Of the never-ending song?


Will’st the tale be told unending,

Will’st no one sing along?

That I cannot see the ending,

That I only know the day,


I cannot doest but what I'm led to,

I cannot say but what I'm told.

The truth is ever eternal,

The truth is ever told.


To flow in ever silver,

To speak in finest gold.

I cannot but deliver

The truth of days of old.


I come’st to you uncertain

I travail unto your door

I ne'r believed the story

Of certain wonder there.


But now I tary none,

I know the deed is done.

I wander through the streets alone,

And know the time has come


To wake upon the door of truth.

To wander nevermore.

For I am wondrous

To your love,

And tary here no more.


For unto you is wonder,

And unto you is peace.

Your glory is untold through the years,

Your peace is everywhere.


And when the tale is evermore,

I'll be of lasting love,

I'll be of lasting glory.

The door of opening splendor

Will be of nevermore.


Nancy Tate, 2001

Posted, 10-19-15

Thanks Judy for the Rainbow Pillar Picture, 2015