Isaiah’s Song


I come to you with the everlasting glow of eternal light

It is with this eternal light that I shine my way to you.

I go among the heavens in the glow that your light brings.


I feed among the brethren and know they all are kings.

I love the wondrous beauty of queens among the Grace.

I see the wondrous wonders that light upon your face.


And so I wonder always; I wonder all the way.

I give the beauty homage and peace is in The Way.

You come to me each morning; you wave adieu at night.


I spark the wondrous beauty into the flame of flight.

And when the doorway opens I pass your way again.

And I shall be alone no more, for I receive your Light.


And when the world is over, and when the day is through.

I’ll go with you forever into the sky of blue.

And there forever wander because we are of you.


We’ll go our way together because we are so true.

We all combine our glory into a truth of always.

We’ll wonder through forever and to ourselves be true.


Nancy Tate, 2001