Poem For the Day




If happiness could rule the world

It would not be gone or unfurled

It would create a smile and an ease of love

To glow as the stars above.

So when you find a time of sorrow

In today or in tomorrow

Go to heaven on this wondrous earth

Where you’ve been since time of birth

And embrace it with a grin

Through the day and everything

You’ll feel the absence of pain

A joyful presence of life it shall remain

In the field of wondrous life you’re in

And then you’ll allow it all to begin

Knowing your happiness will never part

With the truth of love that fills your heart.


So go my dear ones to your place of rest

And know that what you create is the best

For your life and all others too

Beyond the shores and skies of blue

For it is your song of love and glee

That sings the absolute epitome

Of joy and wonder of all of life

With no signs of sadness and none of strife

For you are wondrous as well my dears

Who can create a life with the absence of fears.


Go on down the road of creation now

Dance onto the stage, and take a bow

For we are all in this for Love

In the world we’re on and up above

Beyond the blue and cloud-lit sky

We dance in every lullaby

That comes our way from all of us

We are the ones who create the plus

Of one and one makes One in tune

With the sun, the stars and the moon

That shine above and through our day

Even when we look away

They are there to guide us through

To everything that feels so true.


So roam the land and enjoy the weather

That helps to bring us all together

To create our heaven upon the earth

And see the world in a bright new birth

Of love and joy along with peace

Of living life as One in ease,

We’ll go from there to all that is

And live our life is total bliss.


Love to you all,

Nancy Tate, 2017


Posted, 03-18-17