Channeled Messages From the Masters 


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Avenda 06-16-07: A Softer Walk Upon the Earth click here;

I Am&Hatonn 05-31-2007 (audio)


Family Gathering Channeled Messages & Reading Excerpts


Sananda, Bloomfield CO Gathering 9-5-06

Hatonn, Glen Arbor MI Family Gathering, 9-16-06

St. Germain, Additions to Gathering Message of 9-21-06 

St. Germain Addition 1a

  St. Germain Addition 1b

St. Germain, Rockford MI Family Gathering, 9-21- 06

  Sananda, Gathering Message, Philadelphia PA 10-9-06

Hatonn, Gathering Message, Tahlequah OK 10-22-06

Kryon, Gathering Message San Antonio TX 10-27-06

  St. Germain, Gathering Message Montrose CO 11-5-06

  Hatonn, Gathering Message in Las Vegas NV 11-10-06

  Hatonn, Gathering Message Minden NV 11-12-06

Hatonn, Gathering Message Santa Cruz CA 11-16-06

St. Germain, on Ascension, etc, Philadelphia Gathering Reading Excerpt 

St. Germain Reading Excerpt, 10-9-06


Other Audios

Nancy: At Arches Nat. Park, Utah 07-06  Part 1   Part 2 (For Text, Click Here)

Nancy: Gaia & Maldek 11-01-08, at Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary

Nancy: Maldek & Mushaba Force 10-22-08, Bisbee AZ

  Nancy: The Mushaba Force 9-3-08 in Bisbee AZ