In the Next days, we shall take a Journey Through the Timeliness of the Messages in Remembrance of the Truth of No-time.

Welcome to Christmas on the 'Tree' from 2002- 2011

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The Collective, December 24, 2009

On this day of days we pause and wonder what the fuss is all about. Why do we apply so much activity to a day that some question as to its validity anyway? We bring some thought to this day and as we do, we take stock of our lives and how we live from day to day and what we make of all that is taking place around us. Is there anything in this way of living that relates to what this day is all about? Is there still some semblance of what this day began with all those years ago? As we question this and seek answers from afar, we slow down and we look around. What is the tree adorned with tinsel and light? Why are there a turkey and all the trimmings adorning the table, rather than a simple meal of corn and barley meal? Doesn’t anyone have any idea what this day really means?

I tell you now that there is an answer to this, and it is one that I bring forth for you to choose or not. This day began with the birth of a new idea, a new way of being and a chance to herald the new day of a new blessing that has been visited upon us. This new idea is that we are born in a simple place, and that we rise in glory over the land building a kinship with all who come into our place. We walk amoung the poor and the rich, we talk and we laugh with all who listen and we shake their hands and hug their beauty,

There is no wonder that as we go from year to year and fill our shopping bags while emptying our purses, that we still seek that which we left behind when we were children, innocent in our celebration of this blessed day. We knew then what the story was and how the baby lying in the manger came to typify that which we were to honor within ourselves. We were given the chance to go forth and fill this day with the truth of who we are and what that means deep within.

We are still being given that opportunity. We are still walking in love and looking for the outward example of that which is within what we know Christmas stands for. We know that if we are to exemplify all that we do in this season, we would be taking every step, wrapping every present, preparing and sitting down to every feast with a glad heart and a soul full of love. We would create a Spiritual celebration of what we know that this day is truly about.

We know that this day typifies more than what we do on the surface, in the stores and in our livings rooms around the bejeweled tree. We are saying to ourselves that though we may have forgotten the real reason for celebration, we do know deep within that there is indeed reason to celebrate, and it is not because we are buying examples of that joy. It is because we know in our hearts that when the bell tolls, it tolls for us and the grand opening that we are soon to have. We will then stand in the truth of what it really is, and we shall not perish from the truth of everlasting glory, through the inclusion of what we do today.

We choose to celebrate in any way that is within our desire, and in so doing we create an energy of celebration of all that The Christ stands for. We create love in movement, glory in our surroundings, and joy in hearts when we celebrate the birth of the Christ within in full and at long last, in conscious intent. We set free the Mushaba Force that has long waited to be spoken and sang out to the rooftops in sweet refrain, and in the creative ways that we bring to our own story of Christmas in celebration of The Christ.

So go forth, my dear ones, and ring in the New Year knowing that the celebration of this day is but the opening celebration for the new experiences that are to beckon to you in the changes that will be upon you in the coming energies. Sweep the glad tidings under the rug and know that as you do you are seeding them for a new way of living in joy and love forever walking in peace through all of existence.

Thank you dear St. Germain, Hatonn, Overton, all of the Collective

Love, Nancy Tate