In the Next days, we shall take a Journey Through the Timeliness of the Messages in Remembrance of the Truth of No-time.

Welcome to Christmas on the 'Tree' from 2002- 2011

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Morning Wakeup Call Message 

December 24, 2003


            Good morning my friends, I AM coming to you this morning from high overhead in my ship the Intrepid. I come bearing gifts and surprises in the echoes of time, and it is the surety of the occasion that is expressed in these gifts. Santa wears a suit today of red, white and blue, and he comes with the values of mankind intact. He comes with the knowing that all of his people have been good boys and girls, and his heart is pleased.

            Who is Santa, you wonder? Well let me tell you. Who is the bearer of the gifts each and every moment, not just at this time of year? It is you, my friends, and it is the God within each and every one of you. Some of the gifts are wrapped in purple with ribbons of gold. Some are wrapped in snakeskin with contents resembling mud pies. Which would you prefer? What lies under your Christmas tree? Would you be surprised if I told you both are there? Oh, it is not to show you how to find the best in your life, for you know that already. It is to show you how you have brought the fullness into your life, and how it is disguised in its identity. 

            Allow me if you will for a moment to show you what I have given myself this year. It is round and firm and rattles a bit when I shake it. It is full of all kinds of wonders, some are ancient and some are brand new. It is the harbinger of many splendid gifts that are in the stage of progression from the thoughts and deeds of man. There are great mountains on this sphere, and rivers and oceans. There are massive fields and plains that stretch for miles, and there are deserts with the touch of harshness and the interior of gold. There are great cities that expand the knowingness of the ones within. There are meadows and villages that compliment one another in their simplicity. There are artifacts that are hidden in places yet to be uncovered. There are secrets that lie hidden in the ancient structures that glorify the landscapes. There are windows through which ancient eyes peer, and watch the travels of the ones who walk the roads and byways, the ones who fly through the air, and the ones who span the waters in their vessels of wood and steel. There is one place beneath the vast waters where there is a long forgotten replica of a city that shines in the mountains afar. There is another place under another stretch of waters that waits to give its story to the rest of the ones who comprise the whole.

            This, and more are what I have as a gift for all who claim a place with this gift. I see its changeability and I marvel at the wonders that I see coming to form around this sphere. This mist of change is becoming more solid, and more in tune with the energies that are present on this sphere now. I see that the mists are forming into a semblance of a crystal and gold replica of the dreams and ideas that are prevalent around and within this sphere. This is the wonder of this gift. It keeps on giving as the ones who receive it give back. It is a sight that I have been awaiting for these many eons, and it is fine indeed.

            When did I form this sphere? It wasn’t I entirely. It was all of those who are in receivership. It was the Granddaddy of them all who first planted the seed to produce this gift, and find the ones who would place into trust the ways and means by which to create the intricacies of this gift’s properties. This is the representation of the abilities that is exhibited in every move upon this sphere. This is the culmination of all those moves, and the promise that awaits upon the opening of the portal to the lands that are sitting in the mists. I see the glow that is being emitted from those mists, and it warms the heart. I see the reflection of myself in the eyes that are all gazing back at me as they lift their countenances into the direction of the Creator.

No matter where they look, they look at God. They see themselves in the eyes of those who bear the gifts. They see the mud pies melt away into liquid gold, and then they see themselves in that gold, dazzling and bright. Then they see themselves coming into the mists and transforming them into the crystal and gold that is in the promises that they give. I join them, and I am humbled by their master plan. I see the wonders that they perform, and I see the ones who cherished the mud pies holding hands with the ones who gave the gold, and I see the love pour forth and the embraces linger, and the hearts swell with the joy that comes from sharing. I see the unitedness and I see the oneness express itself in the glow that shines throughout the whole universe. I hear the chorus of angels as it reverberates throughout the beingness of every living thing, and I see the great tears from God fall on all of creation cleansing all that is and rendering it Holy. I see this all, for I am the Eyes of God, and I welcome you to your world.

            Holiness and Blessings are you. I sit at your feet, and glory in thy name.


Thank you dear Eyes of God,

 Nancy Tate