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Black is the substance of all colors; white light reflects all color rays. Black represents the hidden unseen beauty within. I associated black, with the negative, until Spirit enlightened me, black is the substances of all colors; white is the refraction of all colors, reflecting out all the color rays.


White light runs thought all colors, creating the different frequencies, and shades. When we let the white light rays penetrate the dark hidden areas of our lives, it dispels the darkness, then turns everything into light energy, reflecting the beauty out in us, the beauty that all life is composed of.  It takes negative and positive to complete a circuit. The positive, nullify the negative, and they become one ray of white light that can go any direction, distance and place were it is directed.


The more we allow the white light Spirit to enter into these areas, the more we become enlightened, remembering who we are, why we are here. We also know we are intelligent human beings with all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We come here with it recorded in our computer; we turn it on when we bring up the energy to our brain. The only thing we need to remember is the password, (believe, and love). It helps to keep us balanced. We need both operating in us till we enter into the oneness, so we do not get so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good, or so earthly minded, we’re no heavenly good. We see black and white are the same; they both hold all colors, only on different ends of the spectrum. If we could see what the infrared ray, and the gamma rays, we would see, they stretch, from one end of the spectrum and radio waves to the other. In the middle of the colors of the rainbow, flow waves visible to our eyes.


Imagine our galaxies as an orchestra. Then imagine hearing only one note, middle C; this is what we get when we look at the sky with our natural eyes instead of our third eye.  We do not hear the full cosmic orchestra, or see the full spectrum. When we look out at our universe though our third eye, we began to understand how life may have begun.


There were massive black holes that collected and sucked in all matter out of the universe from the core of the galaxy’s center, producing a swirling disk of matter and gases, forming, swirling, twirling, dancing, mixing, with all energies, photons, protons, electrons, chromosomes, dust, moisture etc. As it is spiraled through, it cast out the other side. Planets, stars, colors, sounds, beautiful music and all life is formed, creating different frequencies, vibration energies, power, planets, and stars.


With a jet blast of white light, the core of all life is created. When the different energy frequencies gather they create, producing it into all life forms as the colors and things form into different frequencies, create different colors, etc. It depends what things it takes in and coheres to it, as to what is created. As we see, all life is basically created the some. The core, our seed of all life, is white light energy, and is planted in some kind of black hole. It depends on what the seed of white light, is planted in, as to the kind of life form it takes on. It is planted in Mother Earth’s living body; watered, nurtured, then cast out in to the air, to meet and experience the fiery trials of life. Stop, and listen to the universal beautiful orchestra, and take in and dance in the beautiful colors of the rainbow of life.


Awakening, to your universal, cosmic, sole family, body of love