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One day a few women, and I were having a meeting, one of the ladies brought a turtle shell made into a rattle. As I sat studying it, I discovered it had a wonderful story to tell. Some, turtles, live on land and in the water. There is a saying that the turtle came out of the water onto dry land, thus making a bridge between both worlds. In our lives, we can learn to flow harmoniously between the two worlds, Mother Earth, and Father Sky, physical and Spirit, while staying grounded and stable.


The turtles may be slow at times, but are always on time. This reminds us that fast is not always the best way to get to your destination; you might miss something wonderful along the way. It is, best to go with the flow, allow sufficient time to get there, and wait for the right moment to take action. 


Turtles know, when the time is right, to lay their eggs. Some walk many miles, returning to the same place, to lay their eggs. They bury them in the sand, where the warm rays of the sun will help them hatch.


We walk a long way on our life’s path, creating new life within us, through our new thoughts, and ideas. With loving care, we place them in our subconscious, and allow the warmth of the suns rays of our Spirit to bring them to full maturity, by raising them up unto our super consciousness into the white light before we act on them, instead of going off half-baked.


Some of the turtle’s eggs do not hatch. There may be some of our own ideas that are also best left un-hatched.


When the little turtles hatch and are able to walk, they test the waters before they go in to learn to swim. They then jump in and go with the flow, showing us that when we begin to learn how to walk our walk in the Spirit, we should test the source of the spiritual energy, then be lead of the Spirit, before we jump in and go with the flow.


If a turtle is flipped over on its back and not turned back over, it will die. If you find yourself flipped over things, right yourself by giving thanks and praise for all things, being loving and kind to yourself also others. Be positive, seeing everything is beautiful.


When, the turtle goes in his shell, he finds he is sufficient unto himself.  HE IS ONE UNIT OF ONE WHOLE.


When we go within and listen to our spiritual Inner Voice, we find we are sufficient unto our selves. Also we find inspiration to prepare our selves for more creative living, closer to the Great Unseen Powers of the Universal law of THE ONENESS, the white light by understanding how to use our universal wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, higher self and our CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.












Tonight, I was sitting outside resting, after eleven hours of working, cleaning, and getting rid of things around my place. I was in the process of moving. I am not a young chick, nor am I old, just in my late seventies. 


As, I was sitting outside looking at the stars, sipping a glass of wine, giving thanks for every thing, and thinking how blessed I was. How many people are there; who would love to have the time to sit, and watch the stars, a beautiful sunset or a gorgeous sunrise?


As I looked at my glass of wine, I began to think, about how many people, and their efforts it took to make just this glass of wine. I began to ponder, and visualize the beautiful grape vineyards, the beautiful vines, and bunches of grapes, hanging on the vines. I was thinking also how many years of hard work it took to grow and produce the beautiful grapes that they successfully, created into many different, wonderful, varieties of wines, so that I could enjoy one sip of wine.


Now, I am sure there are ones that are wandering why, I am talking about wine; the bible says a (little), wine is good for the stomach. In the dark wine, there is a mineral called rodeam that is the white light energy. 


This brought to mind the story, of the little foxes. It is the little foxes that destroy the vine; they eat the roots of the plants, that kills the vine.


The little foxes, are the little things in life we let eat at us, 


When we let these petty sayings and doings of others, such as negative words, thoughts, anger, hate, jealousy, etc. affect us, it cuts off the positive flow of the spirit that produces, the fruit of the vine LOVE. That also keeps us from enjoying the pure happiness and beautiful love of the I AM, we call GOD.


The root (symbolizing our nerves), takes in and carries the living water and nourishment. It sends the vital energy of the life force flowing up through the vine (our spine) to the branches of our body. This feeds our faculties that produce the best fruit for our soul mind. The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, temperance, goodness, faith, meekness, virtue, patience, and brotherly kindness.


The big foxes eat the top of the vines, and the leaves, but this does not kill the vines. They are the big problems that ones can see and deal with. 


The “fruit of the vine that man drinks anew in the Father’s Kingdom” is ever flowing, direct from the Fountainhead, the spiritual Christ consciousness of love of all life. When we learn and demonstrate, the power, and fruit of the spirit, we, become, one, with all that is. 


The big foxes may slow down some of the currents, but not stop the flow.


The wine of life, our free vitality, symbolizes what forms the connecting link between body, soul and spirit.  It is an all-pervading, free essence that is generated from the nerve substance, or water of life. We live our lives by quantum leaps; (meaning small pockets of light energy) In other words, take life a step at a time, and stay positive, as positive nullifies the negative, and they become one, flowing energy of LOVE.


This, will keep, the little unimportant things (little foxes) from eating at you and destroying your life forces. Helping you to live a more harmonious, happy life.













Up on, a high beautiful mountain stood a very tall, stately pine tree, a monarch. It was a beautiful sunny day, with just a little breeze, and a few fluffy clouds floating by in the sky. The birds were chirping and singing; the little animals, were romping, and playing up and down the trees. Among the leaves that were on the ground, the squirrels, were chattering while they gathered pine nuts. Everything seemed to be in peaceful harmony. 


When the big pine tree heard a soft cry beneath it, there was a little tree below crying. He ask, “Why are you crying little tree?”. 


The little tree sobbed, “I don’t know if I am a son of a birch or a son of a beach tree.” The tall pine tree said, “Don’t cry little tree, it doesn’t matter what kind of seed you started from, it is what you choose to do or be that matters.”


You can choose not to grow to your full potential and never be strong, or grow into a beautiful tree, and share your beauty with ones around you. Or, on the other hand you can, raise your branches up from Mother Earth, and reach up to Father Sky, and take in the wonderful energies from the sun (SON), drink in the moisture from the rain, weather the storms that will pass by now and then.


You can become strong as you let your roots grow deep, in the nurturing nourishment of Mother Earth, and comprehending the principle of balance in the natural law, and determining to work with it, instead of against it. It will help you to continue to grow big and strong; also transform you into the beautiful tree you came here to be as the cycle continues.


I will help you little one; I will give you some shade from the hot sun, and ease the effects of the storms until you are strong enough were you can share your strength with others. You see little tree, I was a seedling once, and I chose to learn how important help from others was to me. That is how I have become the great monarch I am today.


You will grow to understand how important each and everyone is. By you just being who you are, and being happy, enjoying life, caring, loving, and doing the best you can, letting it flow out from you. All will be well; you will fulfill all you came here to do and be.


Moreover, you will help others to live and love life as themselves, by letting their beauty and love energy that they are flow out from within them, enriching Mother Earth, and making it a better place for all to live.