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I send a Mayan Seasonís Greetings to all my wonderful friends that are looking to a new beginning of new order in the world that affects EVERY ONE. Not gloomy doomsdays, but magical mystical days, as every day is. No matter what, it is a new day, and its okay how we each perceive it, see it and believe it to be.


The Mayans were highly intelligent beings.


I was given this information throughout the years. I did not know about the prophesy of 2012, till recently. How did they come up with 2012 with their calendar when our year had 12 months and theirs had 13?


This is how the Mayan calendar calculations, and it does not predict that the world is coming to an end. It takes this planet 26.800 years to accomplish, one turn of its orbit around our great central sun. The sun takes 24 hours to circle the earth.


The moon makes an orbit around the earth every 28 days, making a month cyclical, the earth makes one complete turn every 13 moons, making 13 months in a year.


The earth just spins in its orbit making a complete turn every 13 months. 

It moves in exact order with one complete precession of the polar or the

North Star. This is why every 25.00 to 36.00 years there is big polar change that brings in complete new earth energyís and vibration changes, the old wiped out, new in.


Every thing is moving creating the past and future. Around every 2500, the universe goes through a cleansing, releasing a greatly increased outpouring of cosmic love, wisdom and energy. This blazing light and transcendent radiance flooding the earth and its inhabitants, interpenetrating all is a tremendous lifting process and gives a forward impulse to the growth of the entire earth, as well as its humanity.


Just preceding each of these great outpourings, there are increased extraordinary physical disturbances by the people. Such disturbance is due to the discord that has accumulated during the last of the preceding period.


The generation of such disharmony is due always to the wandering away from fundamental principle love of life, and keeping peace by accepting everyone no matter what color, race or creed.


With the human sense of disturbance to control, this created polluting the outer activity of mankind, to the earth and itís atmosphere. It is to cleanse this and bring humanity back to the original purity of life that cataclysmic action takes place.


We are approaching such a period this time, the release of the great cosmic love, wisdom and energy. The mighty rays of light will not only quicken the minds of the humans but atomic structure of earth as well.


Science is known to intelligently search for truth. We could divide science into 3 principal parts for the purpose of understanding these three principal parts, the physical or material which deals with the needs, and desires of the physical body, and the nature of the physical Universe we live in. In this, we find the study of the physical, mathematics, Astronomy, and chemistry. Chemistry--the physical, body,--Mathematics the soul mind,--Astronomy, spirit.


When we receive and are empowered in the Holy Spirit, the supreme underlying, cosmic reality, matter is the manifestation of the soul on earth, and the soul is the manifestation of the spirit.


This is the time of the great junction, the three become one, when the body, physical mind gives way, to the soul mind of intelligent, or Lord, emerging us back into our spiritual oneness, of pure white light, dying to the works of the flesh, through unconditional love.




Awaking to a new spiritual oneness.