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Learning in the Spirit



Some Things I Learned, Saw and Made Sense, 1964.



Main thing, was raise my vibrations and keep it simple. First things, were the meanings, of the teachings in the bible, also ones we call ETs, and Space ship. The ones, in the bible, believe in them, that they were, heavenly messengers, Spirit Gods, Angels etc.


The first time I was taken up on a space ship was in a meditation, when I and some others were practicing the gifts we all have, and that are part of us. Our spiritual, teachers tell us, go within, and know yourself, and let everyone else know them self.


I went up on yellow, orange, and red, colored rays of light. As I was going up, I felt like all the air was being sucked out of me. When I was in the ship, I felt like a flat pancake. I asked, how come? He said if I raise my vibrations I would be able to go anywhere without discomfort. I was not able to see who was talking to me, and I asked why? He said I would not understand at this time. He continued talking to me for about three hours. My daughter had to drive me home. He was still, talking; I do not remember what he told me,


I have been writing, the information as I remember through the years. They always confirm what they tell me. They give me the simple little stories; there is a story in everything.


At first I did not know really what to do or how to act. He told me to listen, and he had to tell me many times. If I did not, he would have to get the 6 by 6. I think you know what I mean. That was no easy job, as my mind goes a mile a minute.


Like the time I was taken up in a small ship. I do not know how I got on the ship. The one that was taking me said he was taking me to New York. I had never been in New York. I could feel us taking off, and saw lights below, as we passed over some places, then we were there. We were standing in the middle of a sidewalk, full of people coming and going. They were walking right through us, they did not see us, but I could see them, because we were in another dimension. Then he asked me how many parallel lives are you living at the same time?


Then I was back home; I do not know how much time elapsed. I would like to go when I want to, but well I have not been able to yet.  I learned in letting the Spirit be in charge, and to go with the flow.


I have been though many metaphysic teachings, and religions, and tried to learn, how to do some of the ways, but after many years, I quit trying, and just, started doing what they taught me, to believe and keep it simple.


Awaken to your beautiful loving spiritual universal cosmic, body of love.