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Introduction to TELOS

CH.1 - O6/06



There has been a lot of interest in Telos in the last few years. I have been writing about my experience in Telos since 2003. I first I heard the name when I whet to a Wesak convention at Mount Shasta California. I have been interested many years in the sinking of Lemuria, and Atlantis.


I believed the Lemurian civilization, lived in the inner earth, under Mount Shasta. I could not prove to what extent. A remnant of many different ones, when they received warnings they may be destroyed, prepared places in the inner earth. Our government has done the same. One of the Atlantisí entrances is on the lower side of Peru in Brazil.


One day a few years ago I was watching a newscast on TV. There was a reporter in a cave in Mount Shasta. He was holding up a beer can, making fun, saying the Lemurians say they live here under Mount Shasta. When he came out of the cave, a woman dressed in a long dress, with a yellow scarf on her head and light yellow skin, walked right up to him, looked him right in the face, and said, the Lemurians, do live under, Mount Shasta, and I am a Lemurian. Well, needless to say that was the end of that broadcast.


It was confirmation to me that what I had been receiving is true. That encouraged me to listen more, by writing and sharing it may help others to share what they have, or are receiving.


My first connection to Mount Shasta was when I went inside the Mount, when I was there for an initiation, teaching, writing a big book, and other things on the I AM, Saint Germain teachings. Most of the places are so beautifully created, with the different color light energies, each done differently according to what vibrations are in harmony for the activity going on in the room. Mount Shasta is, one of the high-powered, vibration energy vortex mountains.


Other mountains have them, such as the Tetons, Mount Ararat, Sinai, Everest, etc. I am not sure how I get to the different places; may be dimensional hopping, teleported, out of body. Some may say astral travel, but to me that is when one wills to go, but I havenít mastered that yet, I just know when they have something for me to know they take me. It has been in different ways, but never when I am asleep dreaming.


One day I was sitting on a big rock that was sitting on a dirt floor in a regular cave in the mountain. I was waiting my turn to go in to a teaching, when a young man came by and went right in. I was puzzled because this is not the way Saint Germain did things, I am not sure why? It may have been to show me, when we get rid of our negative, stinking thinking, and think positive, things in life get better and more beautiful, as we turn the hard rock places in our lives to dust, and let the wind of love blow them away.                                                                                              




Before I was taken to Telos




One day my friends Bob and Nancy felt like going to a Wesak convention, at Mount Shasta California even though, they were not clear on what the Wesak was. I did not know much about it either, but something, in me said I was going; it was so strong I knew I was going, though it looked impossible at the time.  


There were four going, and there would not be room for me, and their things in the truck; also I did not have the money. The time was getting closer to going. I never quit believing. Nancy called and said the sister with the truck was not able to go, so they were going in Bobs little car, and there was no room.


I never gave up. I could feel it so strong. It turned out another of their friends was not able to go. The day before they were to leave, Bob called and said that there was room, and I could go; also the extra ticket for the convention was for me. 


They were going though my former home in Santa Cruz California, where I had not been for many years. It is so wonderful how the universe answers prayers when we believe. The Lord works in mysterious ways.


Awaken to your universal, comic, soul family body of love.