Writings From her Channeled Information by Our Dear Friend Doris Carriker, Whom we Lovingly Refer to as Our 'Telos Telephone'

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Greetings From Doris (Telos) Carriker



Hi, how are all you out there?


It is ironic how the Spirit brings confirmation. Before I got up this morning, I was lying there thinking about a talk I had with a lady in Walmart.


When I got on my email, there was an email from this old woman. I asked her how she was, as I do to many, and she said, “I don't know; how are older people supposed to be?” She heard all these things of how older people are suppose to act. She looked nice, was in good shape, walked good, her mind was good. I ask her age. She said she was 84; now she was serious.


I had been thinking about this; I am 82, I don't walk as fast, but I am still walking good; no cane, my hearing a little less, I don't need a hearing aid yet, though my daughter's think I do. I live alone and take care of myself. I don't drive; not because I can't. Why should I when I have two good daughters to drive me? My memory and mind are good. I may have a senior moment at times, but then who doesn't. I remember alot I learned over the years; I am still learning.


I am learning how to use the computer; I’ve been working on writing a book since 1964 on the universal, galactic, cosmic, body Tabernacle. I may get it finished, and then maybe not, as there is no end, just a new beginning. That is why I am sending them out when I get one finished. So as I write one story and think I got it finished, I find it's just the beginning and basically telling the same thing, just in a different way; it just depends how you look at it and do with it. Life is beautiful and wonderful, and to be enjoyed. This is why I am never going to get old, or die, as ones say, by not finishing one chapter, just starting a new one.


It the same as when a person’s body slows down one thinks you can't do or know anything, and you’re getting old. Then you’re put on the back burner and can’t be in on anything, because you don't understand what’s going on because you lost your marbles, but you know you know more than they every will. HA


It makes me think of a racehorse that is put out to pasture because he can't run as fast and win the race as before. But he still can run, and needs to be ridden, pampered and given a little attention now and then; after all he served you well when you needed him.


So my loved ones, don't put your loved ones out to pasture, or tell them they can't run any more. Always give them love and attention; they’re still in there.  You may be an old gray mare some day.


From one who knows how important it is, it's what keeps me going.

Love and blessings to all of you that are still in the running, and to the ones that aren't.  


Awakening to your universal, cosmic, soul family body of love.

Doris -Telos