From a book Doris Has Been Writing since 1964

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Part 1



Behold it is time for mankind, planet Earth, and Mother Earth, to begin to come into harmony and balance. The dolphins, and whales (our underwater aquanaut brethren), subterranean brethren, earth brethren, heavenly angels, as well as our space brethren are all, announcing, “The circuits are opening, the circuits are opening”.


What do they mean? What are circuits? Circuits are: (the act of moving around; path of an electric current; one who moves in a circuit space enclosed with a fixed limit.) So they are saying that the circuits we have been moving around in, that are enclosed and have fixed limits, are being opened. Now we are free to go within, and follow our spirit guides, teachers, or whomever we choose and find our path.


They have also joined their light energy, in helping the opening, of the higher vibration frequencies, of the Dolphins and Whales intellect system, and are helping planet earth at this time, in birthing universal love, joy, peace and harmonies conscious at quantum leaps, leaps in the physical.


(Quantum is small pockets of light.)  We are taking small steps into the light, till we awaken to remembering who we are and why we are here. Then we take bigger quantum steps.    


Some, whales, and dolphins, beach, themselves, at times; we wonder why. It could be that something interferes with their radar or sonar, such as some of our government’s actions in the oceans and seas. Also, it could be the toxic waste that is being dumped into our waters that is messing up their frequencies, knocking them off track.


Could this be what is happening to us?  It seems just about the time we begin to get in tune, getting out of tunnel vision, and honing in to what we perceive to be our truth, then someone comes along and dumps negative thoughts on us, if we allow them. It messes up and interferes with our radar and sonar. This messes up our frequency that we are tuning into at the time, if we let them. Then we are “beached” for a time, until one of our spirit guides, helps us back into the stream of God’s intelligence in us; awakens us to who we really are again. Here, we can again use the understanding, wisdom and knowledge within us, and get back on track. By leaving, the polluted waters, of negativity, and enter into a place where we can regroup and recover our pure positive thinking.


When, the dolphins need rest, they go to a safe place called the white sand reef deep in the ocean, where the sunlight reflects on the white sand, and they can see clearly, any intruders near.


They use their radar to find small fish in the white sand to eat, if they hadn't found enough before they go to rest.  They turn off their sonar and radar, but do not close their eyes. Some will rest while others guard.


When we need rest, and to be recharged, we can go into the white light, the I AM consciousness, and turn off our sonar and radar. We need not close our third eye, as it will guard against any negative intruding thoughts.


Fishermen are killing dolphins and whales, some to the point of extinction. Thankfully, the intelligence and wisdom within them has given them the understanding of what to do to survive. A few of each kind go to a place where they are safe, until they replenish their species again, as we do when ones kill a positive thought. We go within to our wisdom of intelligence and replenish our positive thoughts again.



Awaking to the Universal Cosmic Soul Family of Love.

 Doris Carriker






Part 2    




Dolphins are a species of whales; there are 86 species of whales. They have been thought to have lived since approximately 50 million years ago. The dolphins speak of the universal breath of life, the oneness. They also teach us how to breathe; they take in a big breath of air, hold it, and dive deep under the water. Then they come up to the surface, and blow it out, though their blowhole, with great force, exhaling 98% of the air. 


As we take in a deep breath and hold it, we are taking in new air. As we exhale, we expel the old toxins out, purifying the lungs and lymphatic system.  This is the best way of detoxifying us and renewing our life force energies, breathing in the white light energy. It is the breath of the energy of the I AM, all frequencies. Since breath is the white light energy of the I AM, we can do and speak anything into existence. We can become whatever we choose to believe.


Man can live a short time without food or water, but not without air, oxygen or breath. When God breathes the breath of life into man; he becomes an embodied, living soul. (MEN)   


When, the dolphin, expels air through his blowhole, it creates sounds, a singing, telling the stories, tales and the secrets, of the deep. The whales recorded, and have been since ancient times. It was said that they once, lived on land, and have been on earth for many eons.


The ones joining in are, the mermaids, clams and all sea life, clamoring these tales, as they play, among the ruins of Lemuria, Atlantis, and all cities, sunken ships and their treasures, beneath the seas.


Our aquanaut brethren, subterranean brethren, spirit guides, and space brethren, are unveiling the secrets of life that the whales, have recorded throughout the centuries. 


People, have been looking, for this information, on secret scrolls hidden in caves, chambers under and in ancient pyramids, runes, and graves, waiting for the time when, as it was prophesied, these records would be opened.


We can find hints to the secrets of life in many phenomenon happenings in life: The stars in the sky, spaceships, in the Sphinx, and in crop circles.


Some tell of UFOs and the space brethren coming again, in the new times, to help us to remember, and understand the recordings, and to help us back to the remembering the oneness of all life.



Doris Carriker






Part 3


There was a myth of beings that were, portrayed having one big “seeing eye” in the middle of their forehead, and were able to see all things. A myth usually is a metaphor of a truth. There was a people that was able to see in front and back of them with out turning there head, and the past, present and the future), as their pituitary, and pineal glands, were connected. In time, they separated, but in the coming time, we will again, connect the bridge between these two glands. Then, our spiritual and physical selves will be reunited again. We will be one-minded and will have a direct line to the Universal Intelligence mind we call God.  As we come into oneness within us, we also become one with all life. Lose all of your old preconceived ideas and fears, about life and reality. Listen to and play with the whales, dolphins, fairies, all life energies.


You ask, how can I hear the songs of the whales and dolphins if I do not live near them?  Well, dear ones, we, are not called visionaries for nothing. So go up within, into your upper room of your mind, and let the power of the Holy Spirit, your Christ mind, take you wherever you would desire to go.


All life force, all substance, is made up of electromagnetic light frequencies, the white light substance that all life is made of. It came from the same source of energy, but manifests here in different capacities.


We have been wrestling with the negative and positive within us. When we, stop warring within, accept and love ourselves, and not condemn our selves for what we allowed, also all forms of life here on earth, as well as our space and subterranean brothers, it will end the “war of the worlds” in the heavens, on and in earth. We will lose all fear of our space brothers, as we understand they are not here to harm us, but are messengers, as they were here first. 


So too our subterranean and aquanaut brethren, and heavenly messengers are here to help us in this transition time. As E,T,s  from other planets, were here first, and brought Man, here and created men. You say isn’t Man and men, the same? No, one is single, the other plural. Yes and no, well are you still confused?  You say, I said I was to keep it simple.


Well I am, as every story and teachings, is to bring us back to the awareness of knowing that we are part of the oneness of all life,


Man, inhabits many planets and star systems, cosmos, galaxies, and universes, men, is only on planet earth. Yet Man, and men live together here on planet earth, Man is the spiritual side of earthly men.


This is the work in progress, the unfolding of joy, love, creativity and the discovery of how to use the wisdom and intelligence within us.  The Bible tells us we have all wisdom, knowledge and understanding inside us.  So why are we always looking outside of ourselves for the answers?  When another person shares with us, it may spark a timely remembrance. However, we each have our own personal way of understanding, our own personal energy metaphor, we can learn from one anther.


The Earth is the only sphere in which there is the density of the atom’s structure, where we experience conscious recognition and use of the, I AM energy. We are steadily raising our personal vibration, liberating the electrical activity hidden in the atom that will enable us to become self-luminous beings.


Manna is in every atom; it is the life force. I know I am connected to and a part of all life.    


Yes, you say it is not easy to change.  However, the Holy Spirit pours on the healing balm of the divine love of our Master. Within His supreme power is love, in abundance, is sufficient, to gently remove all our fears and resistance to change.


When we ask, be livening in our heart, and knowing we are a part of the whole, then nothing is impossible to those that believe in the power they have in them.


Knowing there is only one power, of pure intelligence we call God. The secret of the power is how WE choose to use it, to harm or help. Know that we reap the rewards of our deeds, so think before you act.     


I now close this story with love and blessings to all.


Awakening to the universal, cosmic, soul family, body of  love.

Doris -Telos