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Doris: January 18, 2012



Hello wonderful angels, I have not forgotten you and will be sending more writings, on my email. I had to step back a little to see what were my options, as the cancer has came back and is in the head. It is going faster they say, but I still believe in miracles. I am still believing that I am going to be around for my 100 year marathon, whatever that will be. When that time gets here I will decide what it will be.


I may not be able to see you in the flash at the waters; you will feel me. When you are there, tune in and I will feel you from here.


I am at the care center here in Safford. This is my last stop, or not. It does not matter. I am happy, and I can keep doing what I am supposed to. We never know why things go the way they do. We just keep rolling along, enjoying life to it is fullest.


This is what I have to do now, chorus to get the best quality out of my life now, not quantity. Now, that I have I can get on with living, and enjoy it.


So any one of you that would like me to send and receive my emails, or to drop by I will love it. I intend to keep sending my stories, they may be a little slower, but am going to do my best, and do my painting right here, be understandable, for I have been receiving so much new info. It is getting were I am not able to keep up. I may record them, then type them, we will see. No matter I am not giving up. Now that they say I have a brain, I intend to use it to the hilt. Have so many less interferences, and have everything I need here.


I am so blessed.


I hope you can make out what I am saying. I will get better as I get my head straightened out, and maybe for to edit my stories before I send them. I finely got on my email here, so as to send some.



Awaking to remembering what we came here for and how we are.