NO. 1




In the late 1940s, I first heard about UFOs. I, like many others, did not believe in them. In 1950 I went to 29 Palms CA to visit my sister. We went to a place called Giant Rock, out of Joshua tree. It was one of the largest solid rocks. It had a little dug out on each side; one side had an iron grid across it at one time. There was a natural vortex there, where the Indians created a sacred place where they held sacred ceremonies.


When I went back in 1952, ones were having meetings in one of the rooms that they had made bigger under the rock. Outside were booths of different things for sale.


There were also UFO, conventions at the rock, and ones came from all over to them. They said you could go at times to see UFOS land, also go up on them. Mr. Van Tassel started it; he was one of the old timers in the high desert, Joshua Tree, Yucca, and 29 Palms, in CA. He did a lot of things in the valley.


Then one night a space ship came down over the rock, and he was taken up, and was told how to understand the things in the bible. He was making a building from the dimensions of the energies, and numerology used in the Holy of Holies, in the Tabernacle in the bible. It was to heal, to raise ones vibrations, and for transporting one, to different places and dimensions, etc. It is called the Integratron. It is still there today, not far from Giant Rock.


One time I went down in the room, under the rock. I saw a picture of his daughter on the mantel in the room; her eyes were large, almond shape, and she was very beautiful. When a few years later I went back, there was just the Giant Rock there; I still did not believe in ETíS. I believe my space-brother teachers, were trying to get me to learn, and believe in them for a long time. The first time they contacted me and got my attention was in 1964.







My Contacts with UFOS  

No. 2




The second time I was contacted, I was in a gathering in a home, In Sierra Vista AZ. We were practicing how to use the gifts we all have; we just needed to open up and learn how to use them, as Jesus and all the in-lighted ones that are called spirit leaders taught.


We were meditating on how to go, wherever we wanted to go. I was not trying to go to any special place, when I found myself going up on a red, yellow, and orange ray. As I was rising, I felt like I was being sucked up in a vacuum.


When I entered the ship, I felt like all my air was sucked out of me, and I felt as flat as a pancake. I asked why I felt the way I did; he said when I raise my vibrations, I could go any were without feeling uncomfortable.  I could not see the one that was talking to me; I asked why, he said because I would not understand at this time.


When we were to come back, the one talking through me just keep talking, and my daughter had to drive me home. He was still talking; he talked about 3 hours. I did not remember what he said. I believe, though the years at times he would come and tell me things, sometimes things that were going to happen, and things to write. It did not matter what I was doing, he would come and talk to me.


One night, in the 1980s, I was sitting on my bed, and he began to show me, all kinds of disasters, that were and are going on and will all over, such as volcanoís erupting, tornados, earthquakes, floods, etc. Till I said I do not want to hear any more; he stopped. Then in a few days when I calmed down, he came to me, letting me know that he was not showing me those things to scare me, nor was he being negative, that these things that are taking place, and will be going on, is to help us be aware of the changes that are taking place, also to bring balance in our lives.


By being positive caring and loving, raising, our vibrations, and going within, tuning to the I AM, the white light energy, the manna, and our superconductor. A superconductor is a single frequency of light just like in a laser, by flowing light inside that is flowing perpetually inside it, creating the white light, a pure single element.


It has to be white when it is superconducting, the messier aura, that is reflection, of all lights. By using alchemy, merging our negative thoughts into positive ones, of spiritual love, by control of living the universal laws, not menís laws, who they are, and what they came here to do? This is what they have been coming to me little by little, and what they were telling me at that time.