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This is bits and pieces they have been giving me.


Scientists found black holes in space. However, it is not really known, what creates them as there is so much action going on in the universes, galaxies and cosmos, we can never understand it all, and itís not important we do; it is a never ending story.


This is not to say were not to be interested in knowing whatís going on. I really like seeing, knowing and understanding whatís going on, so to know how and to what do in this time of change.


These black holes could be called tunnels, wormholes, or star gates, through, the different stars, constellations, to planets and planetary line-ups, creating an opening into other dimensions.


Then there are the tunnels that ones go through at the time of what is called death, which takes one into another dimension. Then there are the ones that have passed on that raised their vibrations to take their body with them. By doing so, they at times can appear through a tunnel to ones here, as a door way though to another dimension.


These big black holes are like big mixers, sucking in the pieces of planets and stars. After many eons they die, explode in to many pieces, making up the asteroid belts. Then when they burn up all the energy, the pieces are floating out there in space.



They get caught and sucked into the big mixer, mixing, creating vortexes, twirling, swirling everything, fusing it together, the pieces of the life force in each of whatever that planet consists of, then shooting out the anther end, through the white light, creating another new planet, and stars, out into the universes. It could even have the pieces of one of the seven sisters of Pleiades.


When the constellation of Orion, was in alignment with the airshaft in the pyramid of Gaza, it created a star gate opening through which ones from the planets in that constellation could come through. Like when our space shuttles have to wait, till the right alignment opens, before they could take off, to get through the earthís atmosphere into outer space, the cosmos, and universes.


They have found there are white holes. Could this be the white light core, (seed) every planet is created from, and when in the black hole it draws to it the life force, substance, creating a big vacuum, magnetic vortexes, light   frequencies, swirling, fusing to it the pieces of the asteroid belts, forming them around the white light seed creating new planets?              


We see that nothing dies after it is created; it just goes though cycles. We see again black and white are the same, and black is the substance of all

colors, while white is the reflecting of all colors. The big black hole sucks in and the white light casts out.


Awaken to the beautiful loving spiritual being you are; also your universal cosmic, soul family body of love.