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FROM THE DESK OF Doris_telos   



 Beginning of my writings, Ch. 1 



My writings are of my experiences, of contacts, taken, on ships, different planets, many places through inner earth as Telos, the tunnels, water ways, and under the seas, were they make food out of the plant life there, etc. and understanding, these experiences.            


I am not saying my writings are the whole gospel, truth it is, my truth, as, I have seen and was told. I was, told to raise my vibrations, and keep it simple. The more simple it is, the more profound. That is why my writings are so simply profound.


The more we understand about life the more we see every thing in life is simple, we seem to complicate things, thinking, if it is too simple, it can not be profound, or have any validity.


I am sure many are thinking how life can be simple; one way is by seeing the beauty in every thing everyone, being caring and loving.

We see and understand things different, which is wonderful; it makes life more interesting.


I started my writings, in 1964 when I was what ones call a missionary in Old Mexico. A missionary is someone on any kind of a mission. I was at this time helping to take care of a bible school in Santa Ana, Sonora. After a prayer meeting I went outside and was meditating,


I began to hear a voice in my head; well to say that I was scared is an, understatement. I thought I was being possessed; I was taught these things were taboo.


It was not until some time later when I calmed down a little, I realized, the one communicating with me was one of what we call ETs. (A space brother) he said they preferred to be called, brethren, because some are our ancestors that first came to planet earth, and some are still here.     


I did not believe in ETs, let alone think they would, or could talk to me. He said he was communicating though mantel telepathy, and that, there is no distance in mental telepathy; all life forms communicate this way.


How do you communicate with your animals, God, spirit guides, saints, channeling, etc? There are many ways of communicating, and there are no distances between thoughts. It is a normal thing, your government knows, has been doing, and does.


He began telling me about things misunderstood in the Bible I had been taught, and had been teaching for many years. I had been in the church system, and religious teachings for many years. I had come out of the religious system, but it was not out of me yet. I was free now to follow my path of belief. Even though I came out, and was free to follow my path, I had to learn my path, of belief.


He said, the Bible, was written in metaphors and parables, a history book, basted on the universal laws, also telling about the beginning of planet earth, the first life here, also things going on now, to the new change, and all in between.


I gave, them many excuses for not being the one. I said, I am no scholar; my spelling was terrible, my math bad, my reading was fair, and I had no training in science. I never finished school. I presented many excuses, as to why I wasn't the one to do this (just as Moses did; why he wasn't the one to deliver the people out of Egypt?).


I said “Why, don’t you call on, someone, that is more educated, who knows about these things?”


I was told it was because they are too educated in man’s thinking. It is so simple, but they need to complicate it, so keep it simple. Remember the saying, the word k-i-s-s; ones say it means, keep, it simple, stupid. He said that is negative, as the bible says not to call any one stupid. I was told to keep it simple, sweetie. I graduated; I now am a sweetie.


He has a sense, of humor.


There are many peoples that have never heard or seen a bible, or know of Jesus as we know of him, and do not, believe in human sacrifice, but know and live by the universal laws. He said he wanted to help us understand the stories in the bible.


He began asking me questions; one of the first things he asked me was how did Elijah go to heaven? You may wonder why he would ask me that. I had been a Sunday school teacher, an ordained minister; I did all kinds of things in the church.  


When I was a Sunday school teacher I taught that Elijah went up to heaven in a fiery chariot many times. I read it in the quarterly, and was sure it was written in the bible.


He said to read it again. When I did, the bible said he went up in a whirlwind basically. It was the same, the fiery chariot put them (Elijah and Elisa) asunder, and he went up in the whirlwind.( a space ship).


Like the space ship that appeared to Moses in the burning bush, and what Ezekiel was telling about, there are many places were it tells about them, also about the chariots with torches joshing against one another. You may say what does it mean? Well look at a busy freeway at night.


They at times appear as angels, messengers, heavenly hosts, humans, heavenly messengers, light beings, Gods coming down, from the heavens, as they also appeared many times to the prophets, priests, sears, teachers and ones in the bible times, and do to day, at times as men, dressed as ones, of the time. They ate and drank with them, like the time the three appeared to Abraham when they brought a message that he would have a son.


The ones at that time saw them and recognized them because they believed in angels and heavenly messengers, even when one time they used a donkey to relay a message; also a raven brought food to Elijah. I figured if they could use a donkey, they could use me.


They came here from different planets and stars, at different times after the planet was created; also they are our creators and ancestors. 


He taught me the meaning of the tabernacle and the Israelites’ time in the wilderness. I began to see the beauty of it, and how it represents the walk through this human life on earth. The tabernacle represents our body, soul, and spirit, sun, moon and stars.


Our, whole spiritual walk is depicted in the Israelites story. They left their home, their first love (our spiritual home) and went down to Egypt, the land of materialism, (coming to Earth) where they forgot that they could have it all because of their connection to God. As Jesus said, there is nothing impossible to those that believe; all the Father has is ours.


Moreover, teaching me how these things, relate, to our lives, by understanding, numerology, colors, symbols, frequencies, power, and energies. When we look around us, we see symbols that every thing is created from.


When it said, it is likened to, or something, as a stone, it did not mean a literal stone, when describing the bride of Christ, and the 12 foundations of the New Jerusalem etc.


That day in Mexico I was asked, “If you have been told little lies, how many big ones have you been told?”  I quit teaching for a time, as I did not want to teach lies. Since then, I have been writing different stories about things in the Bible, trying to keep it simple. As they told me the wording had been changed but the meaning was the same.




We are awaking to the beautiful spiritual beings we are.