Attackers in Tunnels

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My writings are how I perceive and understand things. I had been told and shown by a space brother, one of my teachers, who contacted and personally took me to the places, and on ships to under ground city’s, many of the tunnels’ roadways, criss-crossing throughout our planet. Many connect to the different pyramids, and underground city's and places around the globe.


Our government has also made many, and moved troops to different countries though them, and has been for many eons. Ones from other places and countries can and do today. Years ago I saw ones we call terrorists, were coming to attack us though an underground tunnel waterway, as the caverns run from coast to coast.


Then I saw dolphins and whales side-by-side making a wall, swimming in the tunnel toward the attackers, stopping them. They could not get through.  Now whales and dolphins are of the same family, but they do not get along as human family's do. However, in time of need they band together, as we should, and are doing more today. It is a shame it has to take disasters, to get us to helping others. It should be an every day thing.


You may say how can I help some one every day? You may have many excuses why you can’t, but there are many more ways you can. You can give someone a smile, or say have a wonderful day, and mean it; and not just to ones that meet your approval. Maybe go to a nursing home, and visit. I was in one for a time; I was blessed my daughters visited me. I am only 82 and live alone, and intend to for many more years. I believe if one keeps positive and happy, and loving and doing what you like to do, you will and can live a long time.


There are many there, that would love you to visit, because there are many that have no family. Some have families that just do not go see them. It may be they have no tolerances with their imperfection, or think they do not need their love, or know how things are in your life and, of their loved ones, etc. They still have feelings, and need to know someone still loves them. They need to be touched with a big HUG. 


Remember you will age some day, and may need a hug and to hear some one say, “I love you,” now and then. Tell your kids you love them, no matter how they are, and watch how many miracles can happen from just 3 words, I LOVE YOU, when it’s from the heart.


I am not sure, why I am writing this. I guess it’s seeing how wonderful it is to see how the animals and other life forms show more unconditional love than we do. Now I am not being negative. LOVE is what makes the world a better place to live. There would not be so many saying, “Beam me up Scotty!” while leaving the rest to carry the load. HA HA.   


Some of our space and inquiring brethren are still here, helping.  



Awaken to your universal, cosmic soul family body of love.