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One day in the late 50ís my husband and I were having some family problems. I went home and went to bed. I was crying, as we had had many of these, and life had been so hard and miserable.


I could not understand why, God was allowing it. We were going to church all the time, so what was I doing wrong? I loved God, and was trying to do good etc. I was blaming God. Then I realized God was not doing anything, it was my choice.


As I lay there crying, I saw two hands holding a chalice of bitter gall. A voice spoke to me saying that if I drank of the cup of bitter gall, I had work to do; it would be hard and lonely. But if I accepted it, I would receive many blessings. However, if I did not I would still be loved, and he would be with me. But, I would miss out on many blessings.


Well to say I did not want to miss out on any blessings, I accepted, and drank of the cup of bitter gall, my work has been hard and lonely, but worth it. It taught me a lot of lessons that have strengthened me and showed what life is all about,


I am still learning. I am a free moral agent, to choose what I do with my life. I experienced how beautiful life is, when I changed my thinking from negative to positive, and love all life. I found life does not have to be so hard; it is only as hard as I make it. I can change it, and have done so many times; I am getting it to where I like my life. I am happy and enjoying it to itís fullest every day, hour, minute and second.


I learned to live life to its fullest by loving, putting on the mind of the Lord of my soul, loving all men equally, accepting them for who they are, and how they choose to live their lives, even if I do not agree.


By being positive and loving, maybe I can help them see how it will help them learn to love themselves, and awaken to what beautiful beings they are, also to be able to love others and be happy. Also if they are dealt lemons they can make sweet lemonade. I am 82 and still am learning how wonder full life is when we stop knit-picking, about what everyone else is doing that you do not agree with. They probably do not agree with how you live your life. Just love and be kind, you might be surprised; they might be loving and kind to you, and I am sure you could use some.



Awaken to the beautiful loving spiritual being you are, and your universal cosmic, soul, family body of love.