Sananda, April 24, 2003

           Hello my dear ones, I am Sananda, I am bringing you this dayís message for the purpose of coming to the realization of who you are in the grand scheme of things here on Earth. I am going to sing you a song of praise and thanksgiving in the solidarity of the coming times.

            When there is a passage of circumstances that requires a great deal of understanding there is always a degree of forethought that comes as a means to an end. When this is brought forward it is in the energy of kindness and compassion for the players of the drama, for there are many and varied who are participating. When the truths come to light, there will be a great deal of consternation in the hearts of many. This is where you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear will be able to come to the aid of your fellow beings and bring a degree of wisdom to their understanding. It comes in the form of energy; it comes in the form of a smiling face and a tender touch that tells the one with whom you converse that there is beauty in that which has come to their attention.

            When the times of plenty are announced, and the curtain comes down on the reigning factors, there will be much confusion and misunderstanding with some. It is within your capability to be of assistance to these ones, and allow them to see the Light of the situation, and not allow their fears to guide them in this matter. It is imperative that those who have an understanding of that which is soon to happen lend their light and compassion so that those who are in fear may find a strength on which to borrow, in order to find the strength of their truth.

            I am making a suggestion to you who have the knowledge of the power of truth on your side. There is no greater power than the one in which you stand as the tiers of tyranny and misguided leadership come tumbling down around the shoulders of those who have stood in support, through fear, of the ones who would seek to gain their power through that of others. This is the ultimate sacrifice that they make for their country and for mankind. When the door to the truth of the matter opens and the facts are presented, there will be a denial of what is in front of them, as there has been for ages. This time the shadows that hide the truth will all go away, and there will be nothing with which to escape the truth any longer. This is the revelation of the truth of the masses. It is the time for the freedom of mankind, and the once elusive truth of the ages to come forward and be hidden no more. We will help to make the transition as pleasing as possible, and as clear as the first breath of fresh air in the morning.

            Our fathers came to the front of the line when the tellers of the truth announced that they had a voice that was about to be heard. They found their voice to be added to the others, and knew that there would be those of you who would find your voices too. This would feel at first as if it were a lonely voice in the wilderness and would be challenged by the ones who understood not the message. This is going to herald the coming of the golden Age of plenty, and the wonders of the capabilities of the Sons of God to come into their own and find the strength to create a whole new world in the image of Heaven; indeed it will be a joining of Heaven and Earth in a symphony that rings true in each and every heart on earth and in Heaven.

            Tell me of the troubles that you encounter, and I will give you the strength and clarity with which you can go forward and do your work. Tell me of the tears that are shed at the thought of the tyranny that weighs heavy on the hearts, and I will give you the feather that releases the sorrow and replaces it with the peace and joy of the new awakening. Tell me of the trials that come to the memory of so many when they hear the news of the passage of the candle that lights the way to the graveyards and empty homes, and I will give you a song to sing that will lift their hearts and dry their tears as the warm winds of change cloak their weary hearts. It is a healing that will take place as you walk through the world of the weary traveler. It is a beautiful rainbow that will lead them to the pot of gold at the end, and will show them that they are in purpose to be the beautiful beings that they are, and to find the eternal life that is their birthright.

            My friends, we are all in this together, and there is Godís work to be done. We will glow with the promise of the salvation of all who are participating in this game of life and love. Go to the depths of your beingness, and find the spark that illuminates the truth of your time on this earth right now. You will find the Divine purpose that brought you to this doorstep, and that will propel you into the new Golden Age with the joy and compassion that moves mountains and surpasses all the crevasses that may come your way. It is a time of movement, and a time of change, and you are ready for the passage, for you are the Sons of God who stood in the royal line and took your choice to be the Warriors of the Light and the passer of the flame to each and every one who opens his hands and heart to you.

            I speak with you in your dreamtime, and now I speak to you in your waking, for you are ready, and so are we. We honor the ground you stand on and the strength in which you move forward on this day. In love and joy, I leave this communication and settle into the embrace of your heart. I have invited Kryon, St. Germain, Metatron, and the Galactic Federation, and the rest of the Collective in bringing you this message. We stand in salute to you.

            AND SO IT IS!


Thank you Sananda and the Collective,

Nancy Tate