Kryon, April 3, 2003

  My dear ones, greetings, I am Kryon, and I wish to bring you a bit of a relief from the goings on around the globe. When there is strife in the world, there is an abundance of pressure built up in the epicenter of the earth. That pressure in turn selects the mode of release that is the most permissive in the energies of the relationship to the strife. This my dears, means that there is to be a continuing account of trouble only in the area that is being bombarded at the time. When the release is finalized there will come about a settling of the energies and a peaceful result will come about.

          This is science my friends, and this is physics. No longer is there no correlation between what is real and what is surreal. There is a blending of the two, and that blending is the culmination of all the factors that gather into the final product, that of a higher vibratory rate of the planet. This, my friends is what this time in your history is all about.

          Do you not see that there is purpose in this latest development? Is it not true that there appears to be a war, despite what so many have said? As you see, there are very likely many lives that have been lost, although there has been no validation of that in itís entirety. Please do not think that I am saying that the people who gave their lives have no validation, for this is not so.

          Allow me to explain, please. I am bringing you new information. This is information that will help to bring to clarity to what is being experienced in your world today. Listen carefully, for there is a reason for this war that is being brought forward, and it is not as some would have you think. It is a question of supremacy in the dimensions of the reality in which some of you are living. There is an inter-dimensionality taking place here. Some of you are experiencing the outcome of the warring factors as they are being experienced by the members of the society that advocate the suppression of the masses.

          Still others in your world are experiencing the absence of war, for there has been peace declared in their hearts and their minds. This has created a reality for them of no war, no casualties, and no buildings being blasted apart. This reality in which they live is the one of rumors of wars. There is no credibility to what they are told, for it is not their experience. They are holding fast to the reality that they have created within their brains.

          This is the way it works on our side of the veil. When there is emotion, combined with intent, and emphasized by the actual reality that their mind is seeing, they create exactly what is being fed to the brain. This is manifested in the etheric body, and translated to the brain, and the cells of the physical body. It is a circle that is utilized, a circuit of communication that is supported by all the factors that are in force. This is what has created your reality. This is a beautiful and powerful example of the ability of the mind.

          I suggest that you try this premise in your lives on a minute scale. Focus on an aspect of your life, or an object in your life that you feel strongly about. In your mind create the outcome of that issue, by seeing it, knowing it to be exactly as you will it to be. You will then recognize how you have done just that many times, and not realized that you have influenced the outcome. This is how you create your reality. This is how you live in a world without war. By seeing your world as peaceful and joyful, you can help to create that reality in a consciousness that sweeps around the globe. You can bring about an end to the war that others experience, by holding strong in your knowing, and allowing that knowing energy to spread far and wide, and touch with others of the same reality.

          My dear ones, you are so powerful and so dear to us! We watch and see the progress you make toward making the world a peaceful planet. We see pockets of peace where the soldiers lay down their arms and weep for the love of the ones who just turned their weapons away from their target. We see when the children lay down in the path of a coming tank, so as to lend their energy for the purpose of the peace that is someone elseís reality. They are giving their lives to the cause of the otherís reality. This is a confusion for some, and a Divinely purposed mission for others. It is not madness that motivates them, nor is it desperation, or despair. It is a knowing that it is time to accomplish the Divine light that is streaming forth from their beingness and being reflected in the eyes of the ones who catch the eyes of the child. There is Divine contact there, and it is a connection of an agreement that was made in love. It is Divinity in action, my dear ones, and you are the promise of the changes that take place in that Holy land. If you could see from where we stand, you would see Heaven being played on the battlefield. You would see the place of worship as it fills up with the Lights that are being turned on every moment.

          We walk in the halls of the Holy provider of love and compassion for all who come Home at this time. It is with jubilant applause and celebration that we welcome them Home to their victorious reunion. We weep for the beauty that they bring to us all, and we see the glow stretching far and wide over the globe, for the promise that is being played out. It is destiny, and it is homecoming for all of you as you take your places on the new earth. Mother earth loves you and supports your dreams on the hallowed ground on which the final stages are played out. We love you and wash your feet in the blessed water that drops from the eyes of the sweetness we welcome back Home.

          And so it is.


Thank you beloved Kryon,

Nancy Tate