Weekly Message, April10, 03


            Greetings my dear ones; I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I come to you for a bit of a surprise in the annals of the times that are coming. There is an ongoing saga that is taking place within the shores of the people who live in this world, and there is a coming together of energies within the dimensionality of all who walk the earth.

            When I say dimensions, I speak of the realities that represent themselves in the experiences that come forth on the planet of choice. There is a difference between the energies of change and the energies of transformation in the dimensions. One is a according to choice, while the other is according to the natural order of things. This is a progression that takes place in the inner workings of the soul and Spirit. It is the way that the numbers are lined up to form a sequence of events that correlate to the workings of the universe.

            It is physics I speak of. It is math I speak of; and if you will bear with me for a moment, you will see that there is no difference. When there is a working of the numbers to form a correlation between two objects, there is an ongoing equation that corresponds to the energies that surround it. When the relativity is working in the equation, it changes the equation, and renders it transformed by the interchange of the relativity. There is an order to this principle, and when that order is challenged by an idea from the outside, it transforms the outcome and renders it whole onto itself.

            Why am I telling you this, you wonder. “What has it to do with the life I live, and the undertaking of bringing a joyous energy to my life?” I tell you this; it has everything to do with it. There is something that we call equation mathematics and elementary physics. It is the result of too many times of endurable actions by the ones who would have it change. It is the coming together of the interchange that would create manifestation through intent, which is the missing link in the equation. This is the piece of the puzzle that is so often left out, overlooked by the mathematicians of the day, and by the geneticists as well. This is the missing element that creates life, whether it be within a biological equation, or within the elements that form a formula for creation.

When the intent is for creating an apple for instance, and this is the physics for the tree’s ability to create the fruit, there is a mathematical formula that is set up that translates the intent to the formula that interacts with the energy of the universe. This is the time for the coming together of all the parts of the puzzle. This is the time when the missing pieces will germinate and produce the fruit that is the manifestation of the intent.

There is coming to your world the formula for producing the very thing that you intend for your life, and it begins in the energy of the intent as it correlates with the transformation of the elements as they interrelate with each other. I tell you now that there is no mistake when it comes to math and physics. There is only another representation of the intent. That is the built in leeway that is part of the perfection of the universal energy of manifestation.

            The Creator does not make mistakes. When there is a diversion form the intention, it is represented as something being created anew. This is how the universe perpetuates itself. There are no mistakes. There is only perfection in the universe. Everything has intentional purpose. There are no mistakes. For every misguided event, there is purpose discovered and seen as the guiding force behind it. It is due to the interaction and relativity of all the factors in the equation. There are no mistakes. It is the representation of the intent when combined with the energy of change, which is born from the interrelation of one element to another.

            When you have an idea for something to come into your life, and that is something that touches your heart in a certain way, that intent sends a message to the brain which transports it to the pineal, which answers a call from within, and sends it on out to the universal energy through the energy grid that is All. This is turn meets with the will of the energy that is everything, God, and delivers a message to the universal mind that there is intent within certain parameters. This in turn goes to the conglomerate and translates to the brain in the order of importance to the intent. When this is all translated, through the interaction with all the factors in the equation, the resulting manifestation may not look as was first perceived it would. Often times, it is more desirable. Often times it is so foreign to the perception that the one who had the intent may not even recognize it as being appropriate, and certainly not as being desirable. However, the inner knowing whispers to the brain, and announces that to trust is to open up to the perfection of the manifestation. This is an exercise for the pineal gland, and the eventual expansion of it to its original size and function.

            There are those of you who are going to read this and come away saying, “what is that gobbledy-gook?” then there are those who will sort of have the feeling that they understand, “But don’t ask me to explain!” All of you will know within your knowingness exactly what it all means, for you will have been listening to the third language, and that is the knowledge that is inherent to your soul and Spirit. This is the beginning of the deeper understanding of the workings of the universal energies, and the ability you have to manifest from your thought.

There will come a time, my dears, when you will think the things you intend for your self into being in a moment, just through your thought of intent, combined with the feeling of knowing that it is already yours. Now is the time of opening to the knowledge that you have these abilities. Now is the time of rebirth for the power of the ancients. Welcome to the equation that produces the creations that you intend for your life. Welcome home to the real world. You are all beautiful angels, and I love your energies, and I love your beingness. We wash your feet with the golden glow of the love that falls from the eyes of the beholder, and that is all of us on this side of the veil.

            And so it is.


Thank you dear Kryon,

Nancy Tate