Galactic Federation, April 17, 2003

            It is a long, long time till the frost is on the pumpkin, and I am here to tell you that there is a coming time when that frost will be a welcome sight to all who behold it. Hello, my dear friends, I am one of the Galactic Federation, and I would like to inform you of a time when the world will marvel at the wonders that surround them. It will be a time when the seasons of change will ring with the newness that brings a sense of magic to the air, and a cleansing to the soul.

            When the time arises for the transformative powers to show themselves in a more evident manner, there will be an awakening that will be taking place within the hearts of many around the globe. There will be a promise made from one to another to never try to hide anything again. This will spring from the evidence that the ones most trusted in their lives have been running a game of shadow poker for too long to remember. Lessons learned will be part of the scenario that will be talked about over coffee and Danish in the local shops. Trust in one’s government will be conversation far into the night. A new way of looking at the way a country is run will be contemplated in many daydreams, and in many debates round the world. It will be a time of transformation not only on the inside, but in the outer world as well.

            What am I referring to when I speak of the frost on the pumpkin? This is time of year when the dreams of the summer and the hopes of the spring have all been realized, or put to bed. It is still not the time in which to rest and hunker down for the long cold winter, so there is a hush in the days that speak of the comfort of realized opportunities, and the contemplation of a rest after a job well done. It is a time when the air is fresh and clean, for the harvest has all been put away, and the troubles of the heat of the summer are but a vague memory. It is a time when there are warm nights by the fire and trips through the rows of apple trees surrounded by the smell of the richness of the fruit that nourishes.

            Come with me and take a journey through the soul of the cosmos. I am the wonder of the coming times. I bring to you a journey to look forward to in the nights of the frosted pumpkin. I bring you a trip through the galaxies of the universe. There is a whole new world out there for you to explore; and there will be visitors from some of those places that will come bearing bowls of fruit, and stories of the riches of the cosmos. We will gather round the kitchen table and tell you of the multitudes of meals that are awaiting your enjoyment. We will remind you, bit by bit, of the times when you soared in your ships of light energy, and marveled at the sights of the distant stars. We will tell you of the times when you planned your sojourn on earth, and the excitement with which the game came together. Then we will wipe the tears of joy and frustration that fall unbounded from your eyes that see the dichotomy that brings you to this moment.

            We are a shifty lot, we of the cosmos! We are going to watch you and be with you as you come to the energy that will shift you to the next vibration. You will resound with all the love and compassion that will propel you into the shift of the ages. We will be there to welcome you to our energies and we will watch as your eyes open to the sight you have longed for so long. You will look into our countenances, and you will see yourselves, and you will see family, and you will see home. You will come to know us by name, and you will come to know us by sight; for you will be in our living rooms, as we will be in yours. We will gather round the tables of plenty, and we will know the next step is perfect.

            When the time comes for the presence of man in the annals of the cosmic clock, there will be a lightening of perspective, for there will be no shadows in time, only the brightness that propels you all into the next avenue of adventure. The experiences that you have will be as child’s play, on a whole new level. There will be magic performed, and you will realize the natural way of it. For the magic of today, is the reality of the future in your experience.

            This has been a little sojourn into the days of your future. Ordinarily we stick to the present, for that is all there is. What we tell you today about your future is our present time when we think of it. So can it be for you. You can be there in your future, and know it is the now, for it will be, as you think it. Playtime is at hand, and with the play comes the manifestation of the magic, and the transformation of the magic to the reality in which you live.

            We take our leave, with an invitation to come together when the frost is on the pumpkin. We will raise our glass of fresh squeezed cider and toast to the bounty that is upon all of you for now and in the days to come. We will watch as you tuck yourselves in for the long winter and relish the rewards of the abundance that rained down upon you in the monsoon of the season of plenty. With the winds of change comes the promise of a new blossoming of the beauty of spring and summer. You have planted the crop, and the harvest will be oh so splendid!

            Blessings and love abound! We love and salute you.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Nancy Tate