Toshiro in 2007



To All of You Loving Beings,

in Response to Our Tribute to Toshiro


We thank you all from the depth of our hearts for the loving and supportive emails you have sent us. It is by far an example of how much the oneness of people and animals, indeed, all of life is evident in these days of Ascension. When our pets leave us with such a deep feeling of loss, only to be followed and comforted with the knowledge that they never left us on one level of understanding, you know it is a special time in our evolvement. We know, for they tell us in their own ways, that they will be back with us in another expression of themselves, when the time is right for their return.


Our beloved friend, Anakhanda Mushaba and his family have told us that Toshiro is visiting and playing with Altros and the other beings on the Mothership Nexus. Toshiro's beautiful Spirit has been with me throughout our existence in this universe. It is going to be a tremendous ascension that we will experience with all of our furry, feathered and fuzzy friends and family of the animal kingdom. Indeed it will be an ascension of all life on, within, and above earth that will be our freedom Creation through our self-empowerment and the Love we all have for each other.


Our dear friend and Spirit-inspired graphic artist, Ulla, has gifted us with this loving picture of Toshiro, taken in 2007. You can see the love, peace and joy in his countenance; we will see it again very soon.

Love to you all!

Nancy, Bob and Toshiro




Toshiro a Few Years Ago


Toshiro's Soul Essence in Joyful Freedom


Tribute to Toshiro


Our beloved dog, Toshiro left his body on September 14, 2012. He came into our life and my care on June 10, 2002 when he was almost 4 years old; Spirit told me that his birthday was in August, just as Bobís and mine are.

Toshiro has been a real shining light in our lives for these ten years, showing himself to be so open and aware of Spirit. In the past few years, he would look into our eyes and not look away, as most dogs do. He would look deep into the soul of the one who caught his attention. He has been with me on a soul level in at least three other dogs over the course of at least the last 32 years.  In this lifetime he reunited with his twin flame, who was also one of my former dogs.

Toshiro appeared to me within minutes after we drove away from the veterinarianís. His soul/Spirit essence was darting, dancing, and laughing with glee and gratitude for allowing him the freedom from the pain of his worn out body. He will be coming back to us in a young, vibrant, house-trained body in a short time. He wants to ascend with us and be with us forever. We look forward to that reunion that will fill the gap we are feeling right now. His presence is truly missed.

He was dearly loved by all who knew him.

Love to you all,

Nancy and Bob



Toshiro's Story
How Toshiro Came into My Life.

By Nancy

Toshiro Comes Home: 6/10/02

I would like to make an announcement concerning a very special event in my life. I have just today brought into my home a beautiful dog named Toshiro. He is almost 4 yrs old, and is a wonderful example of the way Spirit works for people. I first met this gentle dog in Oct, 2000, when I stayed at his owner's place in exchange for service. From the first moment we set eyes on each other, Toshiro and I connected. In the next few days I realized that he was filled with the Spirit of my most recent dog who had passed on just a few months before Toshiro was born.

I was lead to find the beautiful woman who had taken him in to her heart and home as a wee pup, and had nursed him back to health and vitality after he experienced almost total paralysis from a fall from the addition she had built onto the top of her reconditioned bus. Through her love, abilities as a healer, and gut-determination, she restored him to almost normal function. The only semblance of the trauma was a cute gait involving the hind legs from the mending of the broken bones and spinal injury. This woman served him through Spirit so beautifully.

Through the short weeks I stayed there, Toshiro checked on me every morning when he was released to make his morning rounds. When he heard me stirring, he waited for my greeting, then went on his way to his other duties. He loved lying under the bus in the shade, just as my beloved Lobo, my last dog had when he and I lived in my motor home for two years. He danced the same little dance, when he was delightedly excited, that Lobo had; there were so many little habits and instances of behavior that matched so perfectly. How could I not love this wonderful dog that was so unexpectedly in my life? He had his own wonderful ways that so truly spoke of the love and sweetness that lived within.

From the size, which was just a bit smaller than the expected of an Irish setter, golden retriever, collie mix, to the mix of border collie, aussie, and blue healer that resulted in a coat of almost the exact same color and style. How could I not know that this was a destiny to which I was lead, as surely as I live with God in all that I do?

I left that place to go on to other experiences; I never forgot that special bond with the dog who remained in my heart. One day, months later, I was offered Toshiro, as the situation in this woman's life was changing so as to not enable her to continue to care for Toshiro as she wanted. I was not in a situation then that accommodated a dog, and the opportunity passed. As luck would have it, conditions improved at Toshiro's home, and he was able to stay in the loving environment.

In the meantime, I settled into a home and a life that suited having a dog. I began to long for a dog; I would yearn after the sight of a dog that reminded me of the two dogs who were so dear to my heart. Finally, after my landlady changed her mind and said, yes I could have a dog, I began to explore my desire for one. Was it an old desire, based on a lifetime of dogs as companions, or was it a true desire of the moment I live in now? I asked God to open my understanding, and help me to see the clarity. I surrendered the issue to God, and knew that I was at peace with the outcome.

Within about a week, I received the phone call that lead to this message. Would I like to take Toshiro; for the woman who nurtured him for almost four years is undergoing changes in her life that tell her she must lighten her load? Can you say that Spirit does not work miracles? This is a dog; a creature of God. He has been sent to be an angel for many people.

Look around you at the animals in your world, whether they be of your household, or another's. Look into their eyes, and see the beautiful message they hold. There is unconditional love. Is it any wonder that children and animals have that unspoken language that say's, I love you for who you are, no matter what? You can't get any better than that!

Love to you all,

Nancy and Toshiro