Nancy's Story



Greetings, Hello friends and fellow lightbeings! I come to you with a great deal of delight and love. I am very pleased to be able to bring this site forward and be an instrument of light for the beautiful messages from the various entities who speak through me.

I lived a fairly mainstream life till around 1995 when I decided to follow Spirit’s urging and head across country from my home state of Maine to the great state of New Mexico. I was not even a kindergartner in the School of Spirit at the time, merely a toddler. I was on a crash course for the education that has brought me to this degree of knowledge. 

During this mainstream life, I grew up in a little town in the mountains of Maine. My family is typical New England, hard working, honest stock. It is apparent to me why I chose to come into this life and be a part of that particular family. Among the lessons we have brought to each other, there has always been that strong, sure stream of love infused in all we have experienced together. That holds true today. 

I married soon after completing a course in beauty culture, and two enchanting daughters came from that union. Those daughters eventually married, and gave their father and I four grandchildren each; they all live in Maine. During this marriage we lived in Maine, Mass., and Ill. During a second marriage I lived in Maine till that marriage ended and I moved to NM.

Since my stay in NM, I traveled for two years between that state and AZ in a motorhome, living the life of a “full-timer” as they term it in the RV life. My travels took me on many adventures, through relationships that bred a great deal of Spiritual growth, and experiences that created a great garden from which my gifts could burst forth and blossom. I discovered long repressed memories of experiences that provided the opportunity for the growth I was now expressing. I have reached this point in my life where I look back at all that, and thank all the beautiful people who have played their parts so well in the agreements we entered into when we started this life. There has been one whole long life on this planet, with this one as the chapter I presently express in. 

Bisbee AZ was my home from 2000-Dec 2003. I lived in Rio Rancho NM for a few months and then moved back to Bisbee in 2004. In the fall of 2004, Bob T and I became a couple, and soon after we purchased a 5th wheel RV and big Ford truck to pull it; then we set off for NM and our travels. After we no longer had the RV we lived in Tucson in a lovely dome house, then lived in Mt Shasta, then in Santa Fe NM and then in Hereford AZ. We are presently living in Patagonia AZ.

 I am a multi-dimensional channel and reader. Some of the messengers who speak through me are featured on this site and can be found on the Introduction to Spirit button. My first intentional experience with channeling was in 1998, when I read the book, Opening to Channel, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I then began channeling Confucius for my own personal development. Since I began channeling publicly in 2002 I have participated in psychic fairs, and made several public appearances and 'On The Road' trips, such as the Ascension 2012 tour. I began my public channeling when Kryon began speaking through me; I held weekly sessions in my home and in town for several months.

I am also a writer, and artist. I have had two books published, The Menorah and Grandmother Ellie's Attic. I have also created three CD's and some e-books from some of my writings and poetry. I became a Reiki Master in 1998, which has developed to encompass a combination of energy healing modalities, all channeled through me in their expression. I call this Reiki Acceleration.

This web site is an opportunity for me to reach a larger number of people with the beautiful messages of Spirit, and to share the blessings that have been and continue to be showered down upon me. I am heartened with the growth and expansion of this site since it's inception in the Spring of 2002. I welcome any communication with any of you, and I wish for you all that your life be filled with love, joy, and peace.

I love you all,

Nancy Tate