How we Got Started

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The Beginning

 2002 -2007

2007 - 2012

5-2012! 10 Years

         July, 2012


12-2014: We are now living in Patagonia AZ; we've been here since Sept 9. It's been a busy few months and now I am updating this page of our moves since we first began the 'tree'. We've been drawn to this town/area for several years, and this time we found a home, and that told us it was time for us to be here. We have thoughts for being in this area, and when they begin to materialize we will let you know what is coming about. Till then we are enjoying becoming part of the community.

8-2013: This is our latest update of the 'Tree'. We are living in Hereford AZ with our beloved dog Cassie, who is the reincarnation of our beloved Toshiro. We were led here to make contacts, release old energy and to find our new connections with an area not far from here to which we are being led to set our sights for. It could be termed our new seeding sight, and from here we will find a wonderful harvest.

7-2012: It is time for a new update of the 'Tree'! Bob, Toshiro and I have moved to the Eldorado residential area of Santa Fe NM. Ulla created this new splash page for us in between her travels in CA. Hatonn said that we will be a part of the delegation of duties in the restoration of the energies of freedom in this area, which is the future Galactic Federation Command Center. We are told that specifically what we are to do here is to be made clear to us in the next few days/weeks. In the meantime it is a matter of settling in and becoming 'at home' once again.

5-2012: I bring you all an update of the 'Tree'. We have reached another milestone in our work/play with The Tree of the Golden Light. since we moved to Mt Shasta to begin another segment of our journey together, Bob and I, along with our dear Toshiro have once again connected with our dear friend, Ulla, as we have over the years since we met in 2007. It was time for us to present our 10 Year  Anniversary Celebration of the 'Tree'. It was launched on the day of the super full moon of May 5, 2012. This beautiful new Splash Page is one of the several wonderful creations Ulla has graced us all with. You can visit the new Emergence button and see what we are featuring in our lives now. Enjoy the visit! Here in Mt Shasta CA, our world is focused on matters of the Inner & Hollow Earth and on the Family Gathering Tele-Conference Calls that we hold bi-weekly in our home.

2007: We are delighted to have had a new angel flow into our lives and present us with a beautiful gift. On the day that we met Ulla Anderssen, she showed us the results of her inspiration to create a new look for our site's opening pages. She was following the call of her passion and her love of Spirit.

Several months ago I felt the desire to change the look of our opening pages as well as several other features of the 'Tree'. Our work with our Family of Spirit took Precedence, so the site remained as it had been. When Ulla Anderssen wrote asking me for a reading, she told me in her email that she had recently relocated from her home in Northern Idaho, not sure at all why, only that Spirit had prompted her to do so. 

After she told me that she not only was in TX, but that she was only about 20 minutes from where Bob and I were for the winter, we knew we had to meet. When she came into our life it was a gift from Spirit. As you know, this is the nature of  The Law of Attraction. Every desire and intent is filled, when emotions, visualizations, gratitude and that 'knowing' are present.

So, we hope you enjoy this 'new look' of the Tree of the Golden Light as much as we do. We'll continue to grow with this site as our new world opens and expands to include all of the changes that take place around us. 

2002: In the year of 1999, when Spirit gave me the inspiration for the name Tree of the Golden Light, it wasn’t used then for this site but for my small, struggling Reiki practice. I knew then that it signified that my work would grow many branches that would reach in many directions. In May of 2002 Bob and I created my website and I named it The Tree of the Golden Light. The name had found its home.

In 2003 when I started off in another direction, I thought I may be done with this site, however, Spirit has a way of bringing you front and center, and showing you how all that you have accomplished in your life is a part of who you are in the moment. Sometimes it serves to leave a part of yourself behind, or what you consider to be yourself, and then you see that what you have done in life is indeed not who you are but a representation of that, in what you do. 

So when I thought I was ready to go on to others things, I forgot that this site was here to serve me, and until that changes, it is a part of what I still do. When that realization turned the light back on, I was overjoyed! I realized that I was mistaken when I thought that I was to leave this behind; I was to merely change my role in the site, and branch out in yet another direction.

So here I am, in 2007, writing another explanation of this site, and I do so with this description of The Tree of the Golden Light. As I lay in bed one morning thinking of the changes in my life and how they fit in with the Tree, I thought of the Tree as symbology for life. I realized that when I saw the branches as being representative of my life and work, I was seeing a narrow vision of what it truly represented. Now I see that fuller view. I see that while the branches represent the outer lives, the roots represent the Spirit of life. They reach deep into the soil and drink up and supply the nourishment for the life of the tree. They stay hidden, and remain steadfastly being as the branches, yet without the adornment of leaves, and blossoms, and fruit, and seeds. I see them as always evolving along with the outer, while holding the same pattern as the outer.

I also see in the outer that the blossoms spring forth in the Spring, and give homage and celebration to the long winter of rest and rejuvenation. Then when the blossoms have expressed themselves fully, they give forth to the birth of the fruit, the seeds. The new, tender buds form and sprout into the maturity of full growth, providing pleasure, beauty and promise to the whole. Then when the purpose of their being here is fulfilled, they give one final burst of celebration and change their faces to the expression of the fire of Spirit. The dream is over, the life is done, and it is time for the reward of dropping away the old to prepare for the new. It is now a time for rest, a time to return to the simplicity of the roots. It is a time for a remaking of the potential, and a gathering of all that has been garnered from the life expression just past.

All the time this has been taking place, the roots have been sturdily, simply, unconditionally remaining, giving sustenance, giving strength, giving of themselves, without judgment as to the outer, reflecting the desires and inspirations of the outer, and allowing the freedom of expression within the parameters of that expression.

This is the cycle of life. This is why as I continue with this site, I allow it its expression, always remembering its reason for life, and the roots of that life. There has never been a finer example in my life of how I can represent the Tree of Life, than to allow this site to flourish and provide a place of beauty and love and compassion. Everyone connected with this site is indeed their own representation of the Tree, and all is Beautiful, and Holy, and Divine.

Thank you for being who you are, all of you!




From His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Jan. 21, 2004, press conference

"In the softest thinking is the total potential of natural law."

"Softest thinking is most effective thinking. It is like watering the
root, instead of putting water on the trunk. The trunk is an area which
has expressed itself high above the root. So the softest and most
effective way of supplying nourishment to all aspects of the tree is to
water the root -- from where the sprouting begins. That is softest; is the
most tender part of the growing tree. ...The trunk has already become too