Bob T (Towers) Bio




I will break this bio into two parts. Part #1 will be what society says I am. Part #2 will be who I define myself to be. Take your pick, mix and match if you like.

Part #1
Age: At 65 I have the mind of a child the wisdom of the ancients.

Hobbies: Painting, oil & watercolor, private pilot, outdoor activities, metaphysics

Degree in Electronics Technology
BS in Electrical Engineering (communications specialty)
MS Robotics, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management
EdD Design of Instruction

Work Experience (brief)
20+ years in telecommunications engineering and consulting work.
14 years as Professor of Electronic Technology at Eastern Kentucky University.
Retired from teaching in 2001.

Part #2

Star Affinity: The Pleiadesí
Some of the Lifetimes I have been made aware of:
Spent many lifetimes as a scientist and working with the extraterrestrials.

Lifetimes in Lemuria, and Atlantis

I am of the Enki lineage. I am one of the 50 who Splashed down on earth 435,000 earth years ago with Lord Enki in pursuit of gold. My name was Abgal and I was a commander who took part in transporting the gold back to the planet Nibiru. The gold was needed to repair the firmament of that planet.

A number of lifetimes as a Native American.

Nancy Tate and I have been brothers or sisters 18 times, and have shared numerous other relationships in many of our lifetimes. Of course, most of us, have had 100ís if not 1000ís of lifetimes here on the earth.

Primary Mission Now! Taking a leadership role in helping bring this planet and humanity into the Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity.

I am also the Webmaster for this site and can be contacted at: