I am told I am a young looking lad of 69, which I put down to healthy living, and an ongoing interest in life.


I have two sons, Alan and Colin who have both done me proud. My wife Cathy keeps me on my toes, and I am lucky enough to be married to an excellent cook. To her credit, she tolerates my interests which take up a lot of my spare time, which is mainly reading, and since I retired in December 1999 I have moved more into the Computer world, giving me the opportunity to circulate my articles and enjoy the multitude of websites available.

My education was at my local Grammar School, I never hit the high spots, but it proved to be a good grounding for later life. I have always found myself in electrical or mechanical companies, in Sales or Service, and had my share of management positions, spending my last 30 years as a Sales Representative.

Pastimes/hobbies are writing articles, and occasionally giving talks on my pet subjects covering ET’s, UFO’s, Healing and Spiritual matters. I love my garden and the roses in particular. I help keep my fitness by still playing in competitive Table Tennis, some 47 years altogether.

I found my spiritual path in the late 70’s through The Atlantean Society, ran my own Branch soon after, during which time I started a section called The Universal Network that supported Tuella and her work with Ashtar. I then started Galacticom Europa to cover the messages from Ashtar through Carole Hall. In conjunction with all of this, I produced my own magazine called the ‘Messenger’. During this period I had my most convincing UFO sighting, one of several all told. After these activities had ran their course, I returned to giving talks, until the mid 90’s when I became Editor for a local magazine called Quest, which is devoted to spiritual growth and enlightenment. All of my experience is now embodied in my work for the magazine, and this website.

My affinity is with ancient Egypt and Atlantis, having found the readings of Edgar Cayce of considerable help. I am told I was a High Priest in Egypt, but have no waking memory of this or any other incarnation.

I believe that I will like many, many others, go through to Ascension without dying to Earth. It is after all, a physical Ascension.