Greetings to Our Dear List Members and All Who Climb Onto and Amoung the Branches of This

'Tree of the Golden Light'

To all ET First Contact and Golden Light mailing list members ! I have created the new email, from which I will post both the new ET First Contact mailing list and the Golden Light mailing list. The membership is building back up through members of the old list re-subscribing, and probably new ones subscribing. You can scroll down to the Membership to the ET First Contact Mailing List on the Subscribe Page and subscribe to his list. Mike will be continuing to do the messages, and I will continue to post them. Also, the membership for the Golden Light list is continuing to build up. Thank you all for your patience and beautiful presence on our 'tree'!

I want to thank you all for your part in making this 'tree', The Tree of the Golden Light, what it is today. You have all been such beautiful beings and creators of what it is that you want in your life and have been a part of what I want as well. I love being able to share with you what I feel inspired to. I am lucky to have this means by which to do it, along with my wonderful soul partner, Bob T, who got me started on creating the 'tree' in 2002, and also with Mike Quinsey who has been sharing his wonderful messages with all of us. The membership of Mike's list is building back up so wonderfully. We thank you all for being the receivers of his messages he has shared with us in the past, and his Higher Self Messages, which are what he has been sharing since November of 2015.

I also wish to honor the service that Ulla provided for us with her photos/images that are so fully appreciated throughout the 'tree'. I'm sure that she is in Peace, Joy and Love in her new chosen expressions since she left this planet Sept, 2016.

You can scroll down on the Subscribe Page to the Membership to the ET First Contact Mailing List, and if you were a former member you can re-subscribe, or if you are a new one who wants to join, you too can subscribe to his list. You can also subscribe to the Golden Light Mailing List, if you aren't already a member.

Thank you once again for who you are and how we are all Family in the expression of Love!

Love you all,

Nancy, Bob and Mike,

Oh yes, and Sarah as well (Woof!)