Some of Nancy's Paintings Over the Years

I was inspired to create this page in tribute to a part of the life I had with my first husband, who passed away on August 19, 2015. I began painting when we lived in Illinois in the 1970s. When my then-husband was traveling in his work, and after our daughters went to bed and I had watched what I wanted to see on TV, I would get out my painting stuff and paint until midnight or 1:00am. In the years after that I continued to paint from time to time, beyond our 20 year marriage, up to and including the first two years after creating The Tree of the Golden Light. I sold some of the paintings, and gave some away over the years.



My Daughter Diane


Original 'Tree' Splash Page



My Daughter Julie





Art Collage

Autumn Lakeside Church


Black Elk Speaks


Illinois Church


  Mountain Horses


Color Burst


Desert Mist